Yuriy Vernydub. Photo: zarya-lugansk.com

Head coach of “Dawn” Yuri Vernidub evaluated the performance of the team in the season.

“We fought until the end. Unfortunately, this is sport, and here someone wins and someone loses. Respect “Vorskla”.

We will continue to work and, if all goes well, will show the football, which will delight the fans.

This season was not all. Wanted the best, but it is what it is.

We have lost a lot of points. This was not enough. Do not want to complain. But even in the match with “Vorskla” we haven’t had that lineup, which last year won bronze.

We have a new team. Need patience. More to work with. And then everything will be OK.

We fought until the end. A little is not enough. Need to collect all will in a fist and try to get into the Europa League through qualification.

I’ll be in the team? Soon we will discuss with the club President all the details and take a decision”.