The head of the Russian athletics Federation (vfla) Evgeny Yurchenko commented on the situation around the it organization and the International athletics Federation (World Athletics).

  • RIA Novosti
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“Decisions made in the statement of World Athletics, has caused me deep disappointment. The refusal to grant neutral status is a devastating blow to the athletes. In my opinion, linking the granting of neutral status with payment of penalty in the case of Lysenko is unacceptable. Payment of fines in the current economic situation for us was very heavy. Such funds of the Federation. I commented earlier and want to repeat: to solve the problem of payment of fines we can’t. We will continue the negotiations on possible ways out of this crisis”, — quotes Yurchenko official site vfla.

World Athletics wfla refused to extend the period of payment of the fine for violating anti-doping rules. Wfla was required to pay $5 million until July 1, but this was not done. For this reason, Russian athletes can be barred from international tournaments.

Earlier it was reported, why World Athletics refused wfla deferment of payment of the fine in the case of Lysenko.