Today an hour after the presentation of the documentary “call “Donetsk”: the Story of an airport” Seeds Pegova YouTube removed
it. The reason – a violation of the terms of use of YouTube, reports Диалог.UA.

The film was dedicated to the fighters of “DNR”. The Russian posted by
told as mercenaries stormed the DAP until it is fully destroyed
built to “Euro-2012” building.

“One of the main events of the Donbas war…
Exclusive interviews with participants and witnesses of the events (including the “cyborgs”),
previously unknown details and publikovavshiesya shooting,” said Pegov.

He announced footage of fights that never
appeared on the screen. Among the “heroes” of the film eliminated Motorola, Givi, and
also fighters from the Abkhazian “Tag”.

After the decision of hosting Pegov asked for support from
of his supporters: “didn’t last Long holiday. N*****Sy from Youtube after
NewsFront AnnaNews banned our film about the WCT”.

As previously reported, on may 26, 2014 in Donetsk
the airport began fighting between the Ukrainian military and militants
unrecognized “DNR”. Defense of the Donetsk airport lasted for 242 days until it collapsed broken
shells of the building. Ukraine has lost two hundred of the defenders of the dead, another 500
the military were injured, 24 soldiers were captured.

In the Network regularly there are photos and videos destroyed
the airport as a symbol of Donetsk. Still in the area continuing skirmishes.