Daniil Dubov became a real hero of the day for Russian journalists and the country’s pride after he won the title of world champion in rapid chess in the discipline of rapid. However, when it came to interviews and comments from young stars of chess, there was confusion. It turned out that Daniel’s position is at odds with the accepted in Russia.

22-year-old world champion in rapid chess in the discipline of rapid Daniil Dubov in comments to journalists, said bluntly that he was “ashamed of the Crimea”, reports “Ribbon”in Ukraine.

“Of course, on the Crimean issue, I am fully on the side of Ukraine. Because the story is changing. We’re just in a period living with you, and for the history of all this nonsense. In two hundred years, well, there is the episode with the Crimea, well, a shame, Yes. However, all this will pass,” said Oaks.

Answering the question about how it relates to the boycott of the championship by some Ukrainian athletes, Daniel said that he loves his Homeland. While it is recognized that in the recent “cause for pride less”.

We will remind, biathlete Alexander Fat, who plays for Russia, suddenly appeared at the competition in the outfit with the logo of the Ukrainian national team.

Earlier reports: Ukrainian Anna Muzychuk entered into a three of the strongest chess players of the planet.