“Yellow jackets” sailed on the SeinePhoto: rfi.fr

It was a sports event

09.12.18 451000

This morning, December 9, Parisians and guests of the French capital was struck by the massive appearance of the “yellow jackets” on the river Seine.

This is reported by Rfi.

However, it turned out that this is not another form of protest of the “yellow jackets” that are now held in France, and the usual sporting event.

The fact that in the French capital today passed the world’s largest stand-up paddle classes (swim paddle Board) which this year was held in Paris for the ninth time.

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In the swim from the library Mitterrand to the waterfront Zhavel taken by about 800 people. However, in the context of what is happening in the country event, it did look amazing.

We will note, according to the latest data after yesterday’s protests, “yellow jackets” arrested more than 1,700 people.

We will remind, Focus wrote about why the protest of the French “yellow jackets” has become a symbol of the decline of old Europe.