Photo “Yellow jackets” damaged the arc de Triomphe in ParisPhoto: twitter Yoann Leveque

Vandals broke into the Museum premises and caused damage at one million euros

03.12.18 160000

The protesters against the increase in fuel prices broke into the Museum space one of the main symbols of Paris, the arc de Triomphe, and built there a pogrom. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

So-called “yellow jackets” painted the building with graffiti inside and out. Poured some sculptures paint. Broke information stands and equipment and even smashed a few walls.

Photo: twitter Philippe Bélaval

Also the head of the national Agency for the protection of monuments Philip Bilawal mentioned that vandals beheaded a statue of Napoleon.

Photo: twitter Philippe Bélaval


“The possible losses I estimate in the hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million euros,” – said Bilawal.

Now, in the protests in the French capital was attended by about 10 thousand people. The first weekend in December in Paris, was detained more than 400 protesters. More than 130 people were injured, including 23 police officers. Also there are dead. During the largest in a decade of unrest marked by looting, burning cars and storefronts.

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Demonstrators from the movement “Yellow jackets” organize mass protests for the third weekend in a row. In addition to lowering fuel prices, they need to reduce the tax burden and raising the minimum wage.

Recall the protests of the “yellow jackets” were held in Belgium. There, the protesters blocked the streets in the centre of Brussels.