On Saturday, November 24, the leader of the party “national front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine, the representative NF the government Arsen Avakov visited the BBC “Dergachi” of Kharkiv border detachment.
Yatsenyuk noted that the arrangement of the state border is consistent with the European standard / photo Unionpress Secretary Arseniy Yatsenyuk on his Facebook commented on the statement of the head of the CVU Purse.

“Commenting on the review of Arseniy Yatsenyuk with the construction of the Kharkov section of the Ukrainian-Russian border, Mr. Pouch came to the original conclusion that it can be hidden advertising.

Mr Purse. You saw an opportunity for politicians to advertise on the project “the Wall”? Congratulations. You and all of us. This shows only one thing, that project, at the time, initiated by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, has been successfully implemented and all the political chatter in an attempt to discredit the construction of the arrangement of the border with Russia was artificial and false. The project is built, the border will be. This is the first”, – she wrote.

Read takeaction Avakov inspected the device of the state border in the Kharkiv region

“Second. On hidden political advertising. The project “the Wall” for all these years has become a very risky place for PR. Hundreds of hours on the project, curse enemies and so-called “friends”. It is obvious that after such campaigns of extermination, was the calculation that the “Wall” would be too terrible even to remember, and not what to go there and show the result”, – said Olga Lappo.

According to her, the commentator made a mistake that is “hidden” advertising.

“No, it’s direct support of the “Wall” as the important project of creating a controlled border with Russia,” she said.

“Yatsenyuk on this trip showed that as a politician, former Prime Minister, the leader of the party which has the largest faction in the ruling coalition and seven Ministers in the government, despite the information attack on the “Wall” has not abandoned the project. Thought his commissioning of the entire length over 2 thousand km of Ukrainian-Russian border is strategically important for the country”, – said the press Secretary of the leader of the NF.

“And the third. Of course, I really don’t want to believe the annoying rumors from reputable sources that the CVU became an affiliate division of the political forces with a highly distorted understanding of political partnership”, – stated in the post.