Hysterical statements of Russian propagandists that the forthcoming presidential elections in Ukraine, which will be held March 31, will be filled with fraud, can be evidence of failure of the operation, the results of which were to become the coming to power, “Yanukovych №2”.

According to a resident of Donetsk and a well-known blogger Fascists Donetsk, wanting to create in Russia, and along with the Ukrainian “quilted jackets” and “rudofilov”, the atmosphere of total distrust of our democratic mechanisms, the Kremlin’s propagandists are not averse to go and outright lies before the Ukrainian elections reports “Диалог.UA”.

Well-known propagandist Olga Skobeeva wrote in his Twitter that 83 % of Ukrainians consider fraud in this election is inevitable. As a source of information, she referred to the results of studies of “Razumkov Center”. And such studies have indeed been conducted. However, as the blogger writes with very different results. Fear of total fraud in March 2019 share…42%.

Skobeeva, recall, wrote about 83% and the difference?!

“Well, now, in fact. Skobeeva — shout [I, ruble balaboostas, so to speak. The tank was ordered to bark, it is a body and shout, anyhow paid. This means that the Kremlin via skobeevo continued to escalate and went back with trump cards: get info attack to initiate protests and create chaos, saying that the elections in Ukraine will be falsified and all that,” writes Fsic Donetsk.

The blogger notes that such a ridiculous lie it may be the consequence of despair that arose after the Kremlin realized that the ratings of the Pro-Russian Presidential candidates are so small that these candidates are unlikely to even get to the second round of elections, which is likely to be.

“In fact, the Kremlin needs the chaos now in Ukraine, because trump was left with very little: open invasion, large-scale war in the Donbas with access to the border areas, the recognition generalaire. All”,- the blogger notes.

“Well, Yanukovych or 2 as a first person in Ukraine with procathepsin course, but it is fantastic. Experience in the buildup of the political situation on the territory of other countries Rusne not to take (look what is happening in Europe), so I want Ukraine to play the same scenario. In short, we all will be bored” – sums up the Fascists in Donetsk.

Earlier, Russia gave to understand which of the presidential candidates it will suit most.

We will remind, Poroshenko explained, who exactly in Ukraine will choose the President.