The presenter went through a professional political refugees who have lures on a talk show in Moscow. No loud fake and attack the propagandists did not go unnoticed.

Charming Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolova has pleased thousands of admirers of his talent a new portion exposing the attempts of Russian propaganda to discredit Ukraine. Reports about it “Диалог.UA”.

The latest issue of its author’s program “the Evening” was published on YouTube Thursday, March 7. And in less than a day up to tens of thousands of views and over a thousand reviews of grateful subscribers.

In the final part of a program called “Blitz” Yanina ridiculed former MP Igor Markov, escaped to Russia far in 2014, and thence slinging mud at Ukraine. So, Markov in the air Solovyov said that at independence “was handing out candy and cookies like it was a Wake for the country.” Sokolova in the answer has noticed that “the funeral was delayed.”

“How long have you been bottles of vodka clinking glasses knocked over? You know, according to tradition, at the funeral of another throw three handfuls of earth. Here we’re waiting for you back leave Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk. And then the Easter”, – said Yanina.

Recall that in his new video Sokolova walked on Russian fakes where citizens “scrapey” in the pursuit of inflated sensationalism trying to imitate the Ukrainian language. But the forgery road.

Earlier it was reported: Sokolov suggested the separatists “L/DNI” do not take retirement of the “Kiev junta”.