The presenter of channel 5 Yanina Sokolova explained to the people of Ukraine a huge difference between the elections in Moscow and Kiev.

She announced this in his blog, reports

We will remind, the second round of the presidential race goes
showman Vladimir Zelensky and the current President Petro Poroshenko, according to calculation, about 98% of the vote.

Sokolova said that in Ukraine all really depends on
people and that the people elect the President, who wants. She explained
many people write to her about the fact that their candidate didn’t win and they want
to leave the country, however, the TV presenter said: there’s no need.

She says, the inhabitants of Ukraine differ from the people of Russia
however, that does not put all the responsibility on the king and expect him action.

The presenter is confident that the second round of the country will receive
the democratically elected President, who will become Emperor, but only
will abide by the rules of law that are spelled out in the Constitution.

She explained that if Ukrainians were not afraid of the Russian
the aggressor, not afraid of any candidate who will be on the presidency.

Earlier Sokolov stated that he was surprised at the result
the first round of elections in Ukraine.

Previously Zelensky put in place Putin’s press Secretary.