TV presenter Yana Churikova commented on the participation of the Russian group Little Big in the Eurovision song contest.

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In an interview with Inforeactor she expressed the opinion that the track is outrageous artists will dilute traditionally a large number of ballad songs.

“A lot of ballads, and the guys very favorably to the ballad of the majority of their repertoire. And of course, well known in Europe. The band was on a European tour, performing in many European countries, so maybe it would work,” said Churikova.

For its part, the music critic Sergei Neighbors in a conversation with a FAN named selection Little Big direct hit.

“You need to performance. To show unexpected, fun, eccentric, humorous, festive. Now this bias in the Eurovision song contest”, — he explained.

In his opinion, the Russians have a chance to win, but even if they don’t win, they will be remembered.

Previously a music producer Yana Rudkovskaya estimated the chances of the Little Big.