From soldier APU Yana Chervona, which is today, April 2, died in the Donbass, left a husband and two small children.

The news of the deaths in the Donbass region known soldier with the call sign of the Witch commented in a Facebook war reporter Michael Uhman, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Today, April 2, in the Donbass killed 2 soldiers of the battalion “Donbass”. Prohibited “Minsk” projectile caliber 152 mm went straight into the dugout where they were. Among the dead – volunteer, aid worker, soldier Yana Chervona. For journalist Ohman who knew her personally, the news was a blow. He expressed the hope that her death will finally sober up those Ukrainians who bloody war perceived as policy.

“I’ll be back. Love you. Your mother”. This is not politics, dear citizens of Ukraine and its residents! This is war: painful, bloody. This is not a film Goloborodko, but a reality. God forbid, to make this a reality… In the photo – Yana Chervona, a soldier of the battalion “Donbass” APU! She died today. Her life was cut short by the hands of Moscow from invaders. Look at the photo are her children. On another photo she wrote: “I’ll be back. Love you. Your mother” No!!! She will never return. The Russians killed the mother of these children, they killed a part of us. Not a drop of mercy, of pity, of truces. “You just need to stop to shoot,” right? And the lack of different nitwits to write me a policy. This is war!” – wrote a heartbroken journalist.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that Poroshenko is broken because of the murder of aid worker Yana Chervona at the front: “I Know personally, I can’t believe”.