Partners news world Stars of classical music will gather in Odessa on ODESSA CLASSICS 30.05.18 62000

ODESSA CLASSICS has become the largest festival of classical music in Ukraine. In 2018, only the main program will last 10 days (1-10 June), but shortly before the official start, we will hold a Children’s piano competition, will start lectures and master classes, open painting exhibition. Simultaneously with the main program a second time will play a major programme of avant-garde music.

Within the main program at ODESSA CLASSICS coming the most popular and well-known musicians of contemporary classical scene. For the first time in Ukraine will perform the famous Berlin Chamber orchestra will have three concerts! And besides – also for the first time – will be the headliner of world violin music by Maxim Vengerov, a leading Austrian pianist Stefan Vladar, the famous Brazilian-Swiss cellist Antonio Menezes, the Swiss virtuoso clarinetist Dmitri Ashkenazy. Violinist Roby Lakatos has already been to Ukraine once,and in Odessa he will come for the first time. But the names of the violinists Daniel hope and Michael Guttmann, and pianist Sebastian of Knauer – Ukrainian audience knows well. Their concerts in ODESSA last year’s CLASSICS were pereaslavl.

A separate line – the arrival of the world’s most famous teacher of the violin, representative of the legendary Odessa school of violin Zakhar Bron. In the framework of ODESSA CLASSICS Bron will perform at the open-air concert, will give a solo concert and a master class for colleagues – FREE.

The main program of the IV International festival ODESSA CLASSICS

One of the main themes of this year’s festival – a new take on an old classic. In the program ODESSA CLASSICS – 3 modern concert, inspired by the eternal music written by living composers or improvised by our artists. This is the most relevant trend on the world’s classical scene, and we are glad that our audience will meet him.

1 June 2018.

The opening of the festival. Odessa Opera house.

Maxim Vengerov (violin, Israel), Polina Osetinskaya (piano)

The festival opens with ODESSA CLASSICS – 2018 duet – violinist Maxim Vengerov and pianist Polina Osetinskaya. Vengerov can rightly be called one of the most famous violinists of our day. 2-time GRAMMY winner, 5-time winner of the EDISON AWARD, a BRIT Award, twice he received the GRAMOPHONE Award, two ECHO KLASSIK award at the World Economic Forum Award “for changing the world for the better.” The first musician in history, who became a World Ambassador for UNICEF.

Duet Vengerov – Ossetian happened not so long ago, but critics of different countries praised the joint work, and the audience really loved it.

In the program – Brahms, Ravel, Saint-Saens.

2 June 2018.

Odessa Opera house. Burhan Ocal (percussion, Turkey) and Alexey Botvinov (piano, Ukraine)

Alexey Botvinov – people’s artist of Ukraine, one of the best performers of Rachmaninoff’s music. Burhan Ocal is one of the world’s most famous Oriental percussionists.

Alexey Botvinov and Burhan Ocal “composed” a new sound for the world of classics – the piano and drums. Their first project “Bach. Restart” (or “Goldberg. Reset”) was established in 2010. First, the idea to play the famous “Goldberg variations” by Bach’s critics reacted cautiously – too innovative was the idea of “rethinking” of eternal music. But the success came instantly. 20 concerts in the best halls of Europe. The current project “Reset – 2” – sequel, which artists do at the request of the public.

The program of iconic masterpieces by Bach, Beethoven,Mussorgsky, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev

3 Jun 2018.

The Odessa Philharmonic hall. Roby Lakatos ensemble (Hungary).

Roby Lakatos called the “king of the Gypsy violin”. The whole family Lakatos – musicians, all violinists, descendants of the great Janos Bihari. From generation to generation (150 years) they transmit the traditions of the Roma violin music. Roby Lakatos is a musician with academic musical education. He plays the classics and ethnics, jazz, and modern popular tunes. All this he does with incredible ease and grace that made the singer one of the best on the world stage. The newspaper “Daily Telegraph” called the musician “the fastest violinist in the world”

The program “La Passion” (Monti, Piazzolla, Lakatos, Kosma) the genius of the violin will be performed in accompaniment of the ensemble, where each member is a soloist-virtuoso world level.

4 Jun 2018

The Odessa Philharmonic hall. Stefan Vladar, (Austria, piano).

Stefan Vladar – leading pianist of Austria. He is one of the most popular artists of Europe, perennial Director and chief conductor of the Vienna chamber orchestra. He performs solo, he plays with different orchestras around the world, along with the chief’s chamber orchestra of Austria, he toured the best classic scenes. In 2015/16 the Vienna Konzerthaus celebrated the 50th anniversary of the artist series of 13 (!) concerts. Vladar played as a soloist, conductor, accompanist and chamber music partner. In the discography of Stefan Vladar more than 30 discs.

Program of the masterpieces of Viennese classics – Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert.

5 Jun 2018

The Odessa Philharmonic hall. Dimitri Ashkenazy (Switzerland, clarinet), Alexey Botvinov and SWISS CHAMBER QUARTET.

Clarinetist Dimitri Ashkenazy began performing on the big stage since childhood. To 11 years Ashkenazi played the piano, like his father, the legendary pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy. But, by choosing the clarinet, Dmitry found his own path and international recognition. Now he not only regularly plays concerts and gives master classes.

The IV CLASSICS virtuoso clarinetist, will perform with the ensemble of wind instruments performers in the genre, very seldom-heard on the Ukrainian scene. In the program – masterpieces of Mozart, Stamina, Milhaud, Poulenc.

6 Jun 2018

Odessa Opera house. Daniel hope (UK, violin) and the Berlin Chamber orchestra.

Daniel hope – is in the TOP 5 of the best violinists in the world. A pupil of the legendary Yehudi Menuhin and Zakhar Bron. On account of his several dozen albums with classical music. 7-time winner of the ECHO KLASSIK AWARD, 4-time GRAMMY nominee, winner of a BRIT Award, winner of the European prize of culture 2015.

The festival will present the work of award-winning ECHO KLASSIK-2017 for the best project of the year. “Vivaldi Recomposed” – a sensational new version of “seasons” by Vivaldi, composed by British composer max Richter. The recording of this project on the firm “Deutsche Grammophon” has become a global bestseller. Moreover, software – classic “seasons” by Vivaldi. Hope it plays for about 30 years, but after “Vivaldi Recomposed” Fiddler rethought own rendition of the global hit of classical music.

7 Jun 2018

The Odessa Philharmonic hall. Sebastian Knauer (Germany, piano), the Berlin Chamber Orchestra

Sebastian Knauer is a leading German pianist, one of the world’s most famous performers of Bach’s music, 4-time winner of the ECHO KLASSIK AWARD, including “a project that extends the boundaries of classics-2017” – the “UBER BACH”. It is the “UBER BACH” is a modern allusion to the music of Bach, from an Iranian-German composer Arash Safana – Knauer will bring to ODESSA CLASSICS.

In addition to innovative works “on the theme of Bach”, Sebastian Knauer will perform classical music of J. S. Bach.

June 8, 2018

The Potemkin stairs. Open air concert with video installations and light show.

Berlin Chamber orchestra under control of Michael Guttmann, pianist Alexey Botvinov, violinist Zakhar Bron, cellist Jing Zhao is the winner of Children’s piano competition. Seraphim Mogilev (the name will be known later).

Open-air festival ODESSA CLASSICS have become one of the summer attractions of the city. On the open-air concerts gather thousands of spectators. On stage – artists with worldwide recognition. Michael Guttmann – a violinist and conductor from Belgium and is already familiar to inhabitants of Odessa from past festivals. Alexey Botvinov – President of the festival, people’s artist of Ukraine and one of the best performers of Rachmaninoff. Zakhar Bron, the legendary violinist and teacher of violin, gave the world almost all of the modern stars of the violin.

This year on the big stage of Open-air CLASSICS ODESSA for the first time will be the winner of the piano competition. Seraphim Mogilev. His name will be known on may 28, 2018.

The program will include music of Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, popular classics and soundtracks for films. The concert is FREE.

9 Jun 2018. The Odessa Philharmonic hall. The dedication to Tarkovsky’s “Nostalgia for Eternity.”

Music — Duo GAZZANA (Italy)

Word — Dmitry Cherchenko

Video Installation — Andrei A. Tarkovsky (Italy)

The author’s literary-musical video-film memory of the genius of Andrei Tarkovsky will introduce the son of the great filmmaker Andrei A. Tarkovsky. “Nostalgia for Eternity” – is a fusion of music, film, poetry and memories of Tarkovsky.

Music Duo GAZZANA (sisters Rafaella and Nataly of Gazzana, violin and piano, Italy). The evening will feature music by Bach, pärt, Messiaen, and Valentin Silvestrov. The works of a living legend of Ukrainian classical music Silvestrov, the GAZZANA Duo recorded 2 CDs of the famous ECM label.

June 9, 2018, school. Stolyarsky

master class and concert by Zakhar Bron (Germany)

Zakhar Bron, a legendary teacher, “brought up” such great violinists as Maxim Vengerov. Daniel hope, Vadim Repin, as well as David Garrett, Nicholas Mathew, Gwendolyn Mazin, Vadim Gluzman, Mayuko Kamio, Daishin, Kashimoto, Christoph Seybold and many others. His “Academy of Zakhar Bron” in Zurich (Switzerland) – a place where people come to learn young violinists from around the world. Bron himself is the representative of the great Odessa violin school (student Zisserman A., B. Goldstein, I. Oistrakh).

In the framework of ODESSA CLASSICS Zakhar Bron will give a master class to Ukrainian violinists, and will also play solo concerts.

The entrance is FREE.

10 Jun 2018

The closing of the festival. The Odessa Philharmonic hall. Antonio Menezes (Brazil-Switzerland, cello), Michael Gutmann (Belgium, violin), Alexey Botvinov (Ukraine, piano).

Antonio Menezes is among the top cellists in the world. He won the international ARD competition in Munich and won First prize at the Tchaikovsky competition. A long standing member of the legendary “BEAUX-ART TRIO” in its final composition, together with D. Hope and M. Pressler – the most famous trio in the history of classics in recent decades. Alexey Botvinov – pianist, people’s artist of Ukraine, founder and President of the ODESSA festival of CLASSICS, one of the best performers of Rachmaninoff’s music in Europe. Michael Guttmann – violinist and conductor, founder of the music festival in Pietrasanta, Italy.

The program will include music by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Our festival has released the program for six months prior to the action itself. Then in sale tickets. The first in Ukraine festival of classical music held early announcement according to international practice the major music festivals.

Children’s piano competition. Seraphim Mogilev

In 2018, from 26 to 28 may – for the first time in the history of the ODESSA festival of CLASSICS was a children’s piano competition named after Seraphim Mogilev.

It was attended by young pianists from 11 to 15 years, regardless of musical education, which they do, estimated the presence or absence of previous victories and recommendations from the study. Participation in the competition is free.

As a result of videoprogressevent in the music competition was attended by 31 musicians from different regions of Ukraine.

Here is a list of the winners:

I prize, the winner of the Grand Prix prize and name of the family of Mogilev — Fedurko novel – Kiev

II prize — Baltrusaityte Dana Kremenchug, Poltava region.

Winner of the III prize — Voloshin Bogdan – Berezan’, Kyiv region.

Fourth prize — Sannikov Daria – Kharkiv

The winner of the V award — Bezhyazichniy Svetlana – Uman, Cherkasy region.

The winner of the VI award — Shumakova Albina

The Grand prize will be given to the winner of the Children’s competition. Seraphim Mogilev – solo performance at the open air concert CLASSICS ODESSA, which will be held at the Potemkin stairs June 8, 2018.

Jury: A. Kardashev, (jury chair), Professor, honoured worker of arts.worker of arts of Ukraine (Odessa), Alexander Mogilevsky, concert performer and teacher (Brussels, Belgium); józsef Armin, Professor, honoured worker of arts. art. Ukraine (Lviv); Yuri kot, Professor, honoured worker of arts. art. Ukraine (Kyiv); Eugene Lysyuk, Director of the special music school im.P.With.Professor, honoured worker of arts. worker of culture of Ukraine (Odessa).

Seraphim Mogilev was an outstanding teacher, Professor at Odessa Conservatoire A. V. Nezhdanova. She trained a whole pleiad of pianists of world renown folk artist. A. Botvinov of Ukraine, honored artist of Ukraine F. lubarsky, M. Lehocky, a graduate of special music school im..after P. S. stolyarskiy, laureate of international competitions, Professor at the Brussels Royal Conservatory Eugeny Mogilevsky and others. The competition is a continuation of the pedagogical tradition of the most of the Seraphim Leonidovna Mogilev and her teachers: Maria Starkova and Heinrich Neuhaus.

“New Ukrainian Soundscapes – 2: Hand made”

The program “New Ukrainian soundscapes” is the second. In the past year with “New Ukrainian Soundscapes” performed the most famous Ukrainian avant-garde artists. This year the geography has expanded, but the topic of concerts, performances and happenings became more accurate.

Curator Luba Morozov: “hand made” aims to draw attention to chamber music as virtuosic, unique and outstanding work in the face of globalization and seriality. Today the performance is at such a high level as never before in history, but at the same time, he is difficult to resist mass art and the monumental Symphony”.

2 Jun, 21:30

Ensemble Nostri Temporis (Ukraine). Intuitive landscapes.

3 Jun, 21:30

airborne extended (Austria). Stone. A pair of scissors. Paper.

4 Jun, 21:30

Ptakh_Jung and VJ Reinish (Ukraine). Layers

5 Jun, 21:30

Frantskevich, Maciej (Poland). Acordeon

6 Jun, 21:30

Alexey Shmurak and Heinali (Ukraine). “Queen of the night”

7 Jun, 21:30

Dmitry Rajecki and “Supremus”. “Show of Hands”

9 Jun, 21:30

The Kharkov guitar Quartet. “Orbital reverberance”.

All performances will be held in the hall of the Urban Music Hall (Rishelyevskaya street, 33).

The program of master-classes and lectures of the festival ODESSA CLASSICS

May 29. Lecture in Kiev the program “Cultural project”

Anna Galecka

A classic work in progress: reloading

Anna Galecka he graduated from the historical-theoretical faculty of the National music Academy of Ukraine named. P. I. Tchaikovsky, subsequently, postgraduate study at the Department of theory and history of culture of the same Academy. He defended his thesis on the theme “Ballroom dancing as a cultural phenomenon of Romanticism in the creative biography of M. I. Glinka”. Worked as a journalist and the author of the classical music programmes on the First national channel. Now – senior lecturer of the Department of theory and history of culture at the National music Academy of Ukraine named. P. I. Tchaikovsky. Lecturer of Cultural project. The author and presenter of many artistic projects dedicated to early music.

May 30. Lecture in Kiev the program “Cultural project”

Vitaly Levin

Aria with variations: Bach, Tarkovsky, part.

Vitaly Levin

Composer, musicologist, pianist. PhD. Member of the National Union of composers of Ukraine. International scholarship of the Wagner society. Associate Professor of theory and methodology of musical arts the art Institute of Kiev University named after Boris Grinchenko. Lecturer of Cultural project. Lecturer, open lecture about the music “Sound”, organized by the OK projects. Graduated from the composer faculty of the National music Academy of Ukraine named after P. I. Tchaikovsky, subsequently, a PhD student at the chair of foreign music history. He defended his thesis on “Symphony of Shostakovich and Mahler: movement structuring and musical-dramatic factor.” He is the author of chamber, vocal, chamber-instrumental and symphonic compositions, performing at contemporary music festivals in Ukraine and abroad. He has scientific publications in professional and trade publications.

31 may

Luba Morozov

About “Hand made”

Music critic, journalist, presenter, curator of the program “New Ukrainian Soundscapes – 2: Hand made”.

2 Jun

Sonya Koshkina – creative meeting

Ukrainian journalist, co-owner and chief editor of the Internet publication “levy Bereg”, TV presenter and writer.

June 3. Lecture in Kiev the program “Cultural project”

Irina Jagodzinska

The sound image of the city: musical Vienna of the nineteenth century

PhD, musicologist. He graduated from the historical-theoretical faculty of the National music Academy of Ukraine named. P. I. Tchaikovsky, subsequently, a PhD student at the chair of foreign music history. He defended his thesis on “Music and verbal meaning in the process of formation of the artistic text (R. Wagner, T. Mann, B. Britten)”. He worked at the National music Academy of Ukraine named after P. I. Tchaikovsky, as well as the Kiev municipal Academy of circus and variety arts. L. Utesov. From September 2015, a senior lecturer at the Department of theory and methods of music art art Institute of Kiev University named after Boris Grinchenko. Lecturer of Cultural project. The developer of a number of courses on the theory and history of musical art author of scientific articles in the areas of semiotics, the relationship of verbal and non-verbal artistic practices.

June 4. Lecture in Kiev the program “Cultural project”

Alexey Voytenko

Moments of eternity in the music of Olivier Messiaen

Alexey Voytenko – the composer, the musicologist. PhD. Member of the National Union of composers of Ukraine. Winner of the prize. L. N. Revutsky. Fellow, international society of Wagner. He studied at the National music Academy of Ukraine named. P. I. Tchaikovsky: the composition Department (2002-2007), graduate of the Department of theory of music (2007-2010). He defended his thesis on “the Stylistic specificity of the functional interpretations of orchestral timbre in the works of N. Y. Myaskovsky”. Since 2012 lecturer at the Department of music theory NMAU. Lecturer of Cultural project. Main areas of musicological activities – orchestration theory, theoretical and methodological problems of composing creativity. Music by Alex Voytenko performed in many Ukrainian festivals and abroad

7 Jun

Oleg Vergelis

Master class on the theme “the Ukrainian stage between the past and the future”. Presentation of the book “Theatre de razbivayutsya serza”.

Oleg Vergelis – Ukrainian theater critic, arts columnist, the editor of the cultural journal “Mirror of week”, the publicist, honored journalist of Ukraine, the author of cycles “Players” and “Main role” on National TV channel “Culture”. Member of the National Shevchenko Committee, member of the National Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine and Union of journalists of Ukraine. Associate Professor of journalism Institute of international relations (NAU)

All lectures will be held in the gallery INVOGUE ART (St Catherine, 25)

Beginning at 17.00

Exhibition Of Victor Sidorenko

May 31 – June 14

Exhibition project by Victor Sydorenko “Atonal reality.”

Victor Sydorenko is a painter, curator, author of objects and photographic composition, and also scientific and publicistic texts.

Full member (academician) and Vice-President of the National Academy of arts of Ukraine (since 1996). People’s artist of Ukraine (1998). PhD (2005) Professor of art (2002).

In 2001 he founded and headed the Institute of Contemporary art at the National Academy of arts of Ukraine.

Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental art (Ul. Pushkin, 9)

Opening of the exhibition – 31 may at 15:00

4 Jun 2018 14.00 -16.00

Discussion platform – roundtable

Topic: “Metarealist: from intentions to visuality”. Under the project of Viktor Sidorenko “Atonal reality.”


Scientists at the Institute of contemporary US art of Ukraine, Museum of Western and Oriental art.

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