The resources of our Earth are limited, so the industry of the future will be no alternative to developing under the motto of “total recycling old things.” To do this, they better make entirely of the same material – should not be allowed under the chainsaw wood product, do not removing from metal nails. But how much easier it will be to live, if they are made of wood?

In the company of the Beck Fastener Group has developed the technology of manufacturing and applying the fastener on the basis of pressure-treated wood. It LignoLoc nails with a diameter of 3.7 mm and a length of 50-65 mm, which strength is not inferior to aluminum counterparts. They don’t score, and drive in wooden design with air gun under pressure of about 7 bar. When this occurs, the effect of “friction welding” – all wooden parts are in the position of the nail can be sintered into a unified whole.

Wooden nails do not rust, do not stain the material in a different color, does not conduct heat, which is beneficial in the construction of saunas. Ecologically clean and harmless material in the course are compacted waste processing beech wood with the addition of resins. Plus they are almost not noticeable at the place of installation after the final processing of the product, and when removing sawn together.

The disadvantages of wooden nails exactly two: their strength is lower than steel, and they are not compatible with some carpentry tools. This means that the new product will not replace a steel nail, and will only occupy a niche – to create furniture, decorative coverings, interior finish of buildings etc.