More than half of grave and especially grave crimes committed in the occupied part of the Donbass, on the conscience of current and former “rebels”. One day, distributing weapons inadequate and mentally ill people, Moscow is trying not to show the shocking crime statistics in the Donbas.

On the Pro-Russian terrorists occupied part of the Luhansk region again there was a crime with a firearm, according to “Диалог.UA”.

This tells the public “LC – Chronicles of the madhouse” on the social network facebook.

According to available information, by the way, carefully concealed from the local population, two “defender of the Russian world” in the occupied Donbass Anthracite made an armed attack on a local resident.

Two bandits broke into the house of the victim and made a downright robbery. 2 weeks later they got caught.

“Will disappoint. Won’t be a surprise. It’s still the bastard of “the militia” , – the administrator of the group, which publishes inside information about the crime in the “zone of alienation”, which in recent years has become the Eastern part of Donbass.

“Kirnos detained Valentin Ivanovich, born in 1982, resident of the city of Anthracite and Taktarov Denis anverovich, born in 1986, resident of the city of Anthracite. Podelnichki closed. I admitted deeds. Will show you once again rotten inside “liberators” – written in the community of the occupied part of Lugansk region.

We will remind, the residents of Debaltsevo, the fear of aggravation of the situation on the fronts because of the huge column of mercenaries outside the city in winter camouflage.

Recall, 22-year-old citizen of the Czech Republic is preparing to stand trial for mercenary activities in the territory of Donbass, he is charged with terrorism.