Vladimir Klitschko. Photo: Reuters

Ex-world champion Vladimir Klitschko does not regret that did not pursue a rematch with Briton Anthony Joshua and ended his career.

Recall that on 29 April in London, Klitschko was defeated by knockout in the eleventh round. Later the legendary boxer has decided to retire.

– This is a tough decision. However, I am happy, – quotes Klitschko SE with reference to the IBTimes. You never know whether you’ll be happy the decision.

Recognize this only after the decision is made. It takes several months before you finally understand the right thing or not.

Now I can say I did the right thing. I may have been illogical, but I left on my own terms. I assume my shares even rose in price. To be honest, I was surprised that such a thing is possible.

A few days before I recorded two video messages from the two scenarios. On one video I announced the rematch, and another about retirement. Until the last moment I didn’t know what video I will post on social networks

I wish Joshua’s victories in the future. The more he can win, the better for me. Yes, I lost, but I lost the best and want to be proud of.

If I could turn back time and change the past and punch Anthony in the sixth round, it would stroke my ego. It would be great.

However, I can’t change anything. Now I’m where I am. I have experience and I know about success and about how they can win even by losing. This is priceless