Interest in personal and creative life of the prima Donna does not subside with age. And she – for a moment – today marks 70 years.
Pugacheva 15 APR celebrates 70th anniversary / photo УНИАН15 APR Diva of Soviet and Russian stage Alla Pugacheva celebrates birthday – the singer turned 70 years.

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The whole life of the artist – an adventure: love stories, scandals, divorces, creative highs and, of course, the joy of late motherhood.

In honor of the birthday Pugacheva UNIAN gathered for You the most interesting details of her life.

Than Alla Pugacheva shocked the network and the audience

The fact that Pugachev was much thinner, the artist decided to use the full, shocking the audience every time.

Thus, the network has repeatedly noticed that with the weight loss, the singer overdid it, and then paying attention to her thin legs and tired face:


In December 2018 in Moscow the premiere of the new show Philip Kirkorov “I+R. the Second I”, which was attended by many Russian stars. Among them was singer Alla Pugacheva, which is not a little scared all exhausted.


In February 2019 Alla Pugacheva with the children Lisa and Harry went on holiday, which was organized by the Russian singer Jasmine in honor of the 7th anniversary of daughter Margaret. Then the main part of all the photos with the Diva began her knees:

photo @rr_photo

Later, the paparazzi photographed the singer Alla Pugacheva behind the scenes of the Kremlin Palace, where she came to the anniversary concert of Valery Leontiev:


Surprised of Alla Pugacheva and his fans brave youth outfits:

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Today only a little of my completely weekend in February without shooting and concerts ? Walked with Garik. Lisa went with mom to the store for gifts for me and Garik on February 23. When I asked Lisa where they she tried to hide as best they could, the purpose of the trip ? #family #children #Carrigaline #elizabetharden #Alla #maximalen

Publication of Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru) 20 Feb 2019 7:12 PST


Not seriously troubled network Pugacheva their appearance without clothes. Published in Instagram picture of 69-year-old Russian pop Diva posing in an open white translucent blouse with no bra:


Also Pugacheva appeared without makeup, than once again divided the audience into two camps: those who admire its natural beauty, and those who called her Baba-Yaga:

photoДети Pugacheva and Galkin

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva married 23 Dec 2011. Footage from their wedding circled all the media and gave rise to envious for the wave of new rumors: and the reasons for such action, and its need.

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And 18 September 2013, came to light their children Harry and Lisa. The beautiful twins were carried by a surrogate mother, but their biological parents are Alla and Maxim.

Note that the success of the kids likes to brag on his page in Instagram the husband of the prima Donna: as Lisa is studying French, and how Harry deals “races” and “repair”.

Pugacheva and Galkin with their children Harry and Lisa /Алла Pugacheva died over the past year wouldn’t have “buried” a few times

Rumors of various diseases Pugacheva go long. But last year was the peak quantity of materials in the media about the state of health of the singer, which, by the way, was annoying and her husband Maxim Galkin. Moreover, it managed to “bury” several times.

The truth was the only that she really had surgery the day before the concert to solve the problem with the voice.

Pugacheva herself confirmed that she has diabetes, so she lost weight, trying to stick to a special diet.

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#Repost @vadim_vernik — At the premiere of “pilgrim”. These gorgeous Alla! Selfi)) #allapugacheva #allopecia #maximgalkin #maximalen @alla_orfey @maxgalkinru

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Haters started to write that the Diva will not be able to perform April 17 at his jubilee concert due to health problems. But Pugacheva has repeatedly denied these rumors by appearing in public flourishing and in a good mood.

Alla Pugacheva divorced with Maxim Galkin

Fans of the band in the fall of 2018 stunned by the news that the singer was divorcing her husband Maxim Galkin.

The media did not let up: he wrote that the comedian had an affair with the leading Yulia Baranovskaya. Some sites were informed that the mistress is pregnant Galkina, calling this fact a cause of divorce “Pogankiny” (the so-called star tandem fans – ED.).

Yulia Baranovskaya, which Galkin attributed to the Roman / photo Instagram baranovskaya_tv

But it was fiction: the pair are happy together and raising two beautiful children Harry and Lisa.

By the way, Pugacheva is not generally comment on rumors of divorce, but Galkin called all fiction and published a series of rebuttal posts, which showed footage of shining from love Diva.

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❤it’s amazing

Publication of Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru) 15 Nov 2018 12:01 PST

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Gray hair have gone in his beard, and judging by eltoprazine sites, and the devil – in the edge ? Look me in the eyes and tell me how you believe what is written about famous people on the Boulevard portals? #premenopausally #inprofitability

Publication of Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru) 13 Nov 2018 11:11 PST

Alla Pugacheva: the famous singer

With the song “Arlekino” (1977) to Alla Borisovna came to fame and success. This song is considered the start of solo career of the singer.

The song “do Not deny loving” (1977) became a favorite of many fans of the Diva. Itself Alla Pugacheva allegedly called her home in his repertoire.

In 1978, Pugacheva sang the song “same as all“. It became so popular that in 2010, the group “A-Studio” recorded cover of this hit.

Following megahit Diva was the song “You are there” (1983). By the way, Pugacheva’s daughter Kristina Orbakaite in 1997 wrote a cover of this song.

Iceberg” (1983) – here the words are unnecessary. Everyone knows this hit.

In 1985, Pugacheva sang his new hit “Million scarlet roses“, which, by the way, quail 2018 Egor creed.

Released in 1994 the song “Love like sleep” at the time devoted spouse Pugacheva Philip Kirkorov.

Popular songs of Alla Pugacheva and “Call me” (1998).

In response to allegations of a public relations affair Pugacheva Galkin, the celebrity couple decided to record the song. And released a new playful hit “Whether or not to be” (2006).

In 2007 came the film “Irony of fate. Continuation”, the combinations which became lyrical song Pugacheva and her daughter Kristina Orbakaite “Opyat Metel“.

In his 65-th birthday Russian pop Diva decided on a bold act: introduced the video for the song “they beat Us, we fly“, which included footage of the dispersal of opposition rallies and protests in different regions of Russia.

In 2009, the Diva has officially announced that he was leaving the stage. But exactly 10 years later Alla Borisovna has pleased his fans – has announced a concert in honor of his 70th birthday, which will be held April 17.