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Kiev “Dynamo” experimental composition wins in Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA – DYNAMO – 2:3 (0:1, 1:0, 1:2)

Goals: Kravets, 36 (0:1). Old, 77 (1:1). Besedin, 107 (1:2). Kravets, 116 (1:3). Gritsuk 120+5 – penalty (2:3).

Alexandria: Pankiv, Gitchenko, Zaporozhan, Bass, Chebotaev, Tsurikov (Bacula, 59), Polyarus, BANADA (Sexton, 73), Old, Kalenchuk (Gritsuk, 46), Sitalo.

“Dynamo” (Kiev): Bowen, KENDZERA, Khacheridi, Pantic, Mikolenko (Lednev, 118), Shepelev (Alibekov, 112), Docile (Pivaric, 72), Garmash, Gonzalez, Kravets, Besedin.

Warning: Bass (31), Polyarus (118) A. Kravets (61), Garmash (90+2), Pantić (120+3). Khacheridi (120+4).

Smiles exchanged pre-game handshakes simultaneously with the head coaches of both teams looked a little strained. No wonder: Vladimir Sharan did not so long ago gave to understand that is on the verge of resignation, which, however, on their own to leave, no plans, and Alexander Khatskevich, a team who had not won in four matches in a row, he felt, despite the recent comment of Igor Surkis, is quite clear the alarm.

Joyless looked and Alexandrian audience and fail yesterday at the “Nike” notice: did not smile, shivered from the cold, not only harsh ultras supporting the team standard set of slogans, but a cute local girl, vidugavia with the steam name of the hometown and favorite team. Inspired, may be, and the idea that the two seasons before that, “Alexandria” managed to knock the Kiev out of the Ukrainian Cup in two matches.


Khatskevich, of course, took risks, experimenting with composition. Much safer would start on the left in the defense is not the captain of the youth team Vitaly Nikolenko and experienced Josip Vida. It was so much easier to coach not to transfer of Derlis Gonzalez on familiar since the days of Basel the right edge of the midfield, trusting the connection on the left to attack even minute played for the first team Evgeny Smirnov – Nikolai Morozkom on the field and “standards” would be sharper.

But the rate of played – including the element of surprise. Confusion at first, however, was mutual. Inspired by the first time wearing Dynamo captain Artem Kravets tried to take the game on themselves – although the development of one of the starting attacks it would be logical not to beat yourself, and give the ball naked partner.

Thoroughly criticized recently by Khatskevich and probably not be released for this match, don’t have a Junior Moraes to the problems with the lateral ligament, the other Artem Besedin took over, rolling up his sleeves, but his first shot managed to block the defenders. And soon – already Yuri Pankiv was in the path of Gonzalez, Vladimir Shepelev brought with him tete-a-tete.


Not to say that Alexandria remained a passive observer: you may recall under shot goals Andriy Tsurikov after a free kick or a sharp flow of Artem Polyarus in the penalty area for the oncoming Sergei Old had a high meter to strike. Much better managed hosts tough opponents care. Sometimes it seemed that attacking Yevhen Khacheridi, defenders mark in the recently zhivshie the Dynamo tendon.

Statistical superiority of Kiev sooner or later had to result in practical. Dynamo opened the score, drawing a pair of assists on the lawn of a strict geometric shape. Denys Harmash has issued the transfer of the depth of field on Gonzalez – cross the Paraguayan locked in touch Kravets.

Guests perked up – and now Pankiv firmly locks the ball Garmash, Sergey Basov blocks long shot kick. The first goal was ubiquitous, appearing not only in front of goal, but near your own. And who knows what the score would be leaving the team at the break, don’t break it at the end of the first half the ball right from under the feet of an Old.


Opponents were in such a hurry to resume the game that did it before from the locker room returned to the coaches. Those, however, didn’t miss a thing: controlling the ball and forcing their opponents fight the owners for the time being not applied to the gate of Kiev any impact. Comes to mind is, perhaps, only chance, lost in the middle of the second half Artem Sitalo.

The game, consisting of collisions, which bears a controversial character, may become an arbitrator a real challenge. But Yuri Mozharovsky kept confident, allowing, at a quick glance, only one mistake: when Kravets wanted to take the ball and put it into the game, sitting on the lawn Vasiliy Gritsuk pushed him away. The judge noticed only the response and wrote the forward of Kiev “yellow card”.

Gradually, the Alexandrians moved to the tactics of long shots, but a goal bringing the match into overtime, scoring from outside the penalty area. Distracted the attention Polyarus from a free kick rolled the ball to Andrei Bacule, he played a shed – Old, jumping, mykolenko, head beat George Busana.


Note that the owners do not have to waste time – and with luck could have scored before halftime. But the game did not accept at face value the simulation Vitaly Ponomarev (but didn’t give him a warning for it), and blow Old after filigree flow Grichka fell over the crossbar.

In the first, and especially in the second extra-time had to work Busano, which after regular time thoroughly chastised Khatskevich. Besedina, when he closed the spurt and a free kick cross into the penalty area, Dynamo coach showed thumb. And for the first time since the start of the match smile was now forced.

The young Dynamo was not ready for 120 minutes of intense fight – Shepelev and Mikolenko in the end I have a cramp legs that I had to hurry to change them. As times change, the people of Kiev have scored a third goal: Gonzalez broke into the penalty area and winning a duel with slipping Baculi, caught the ball near the byline and sent it into the penalty area. Kravets could only nod.


The referee in overtime and added five minutes, during which he managed to commit a foul against Harmash Gitchenko and assign a penalty. Gritsuk, knowing that such difference will not play, penalty mocking “the Keeper”, which apply in a different situation would never have ventured…

Dmitry ILCHENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine