Winter storm “Wesley” is unleashed on the US snowstorms, ice storm and orange snow

City of Marshall / Twitter

In sscha raging winter storm “Wesley” (the name has The Weather Channel). The storm covered a vast area from Colorado to Minnesota. Due to snow, closed roads, canceled more than 870 flights. Without light there are 89 million homes in South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa. While it is known about one victim in an accident in Colorado killed a man, according to Stormnews.

One of the most affected States was Minnesota. Here the electricity is missing from 34 thousand houses. In Minneapolis, it was announced a warning about the snow: during the night here expected about 60 cm with wind gusts up to 80 km/h.

In some areas of the state also saw an unusual phenomenon: snow storm of orange snow, which became so because of the dust of the deserts in the southern part of the country.


Why does this happen? Check it out -> // #mnwx

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) 11 APR 2019

You’ve heard of thundersnow…how about thunder SLEET?! Check out the lightning flashing behind a layer of ice Thursday morning in Marshall, MN #mnwx

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) 11 APR 2019

This is the reason highways are closed in Lyon county. Please, stay safe.#mnwx@NWSSiouxFalls @weatherchannel @ksfyweather @kelostormcenter

— City of Marshall (@Marshall_MN) 11 APR 2019

This blizzard has produced lightning that dropped around a foot of snow, sleet and hail, added thick layers of ice to surfaces and isn’t done yet. Precipitation will continue to build back in and winds will continue to increase through the day. #mnwx @NWSSiouxFalls @weatherchannel

— City of Marshall (@Marshall_MN) 11 APR 2019

@NWSTwinCities Dirt or “snirt” (Lakeville)? Morning The latest round of snow has a distinct brownish/tan color. Any reports of dust/soil being kicked up by storm winds in Iowa or Nebraska?

— Tim Lundahl (@timmyminnesota) 11 APR 2019

@NWSLaCrosse @NWSTwinCities @NWS on my back deck this morning around 8am – RED DUST of SNOW from New Mexico!
Steve Richards – NW Rochester

— trainwreckradio™ (@trainwreckradio) 11 APR 2019

Brown snow courtesy of a dust storm from the southwest. Red buds are flowers from a silver maple. Sleet & hail by far one of the worst types of precipitation to shovel! #mnwx #RochMN #kttcwx

— Matt Benz (@MattBenzWeather) 11 APR 2019

Video from the downed power line on Hwy 86. This area is now in a no travel advisory. Stay tuned to as road conditions change.

— MnDOT District 7 (@mndotscentral) 11 APR 2019

Serious situation in South Dakota. Here the snow added a thick layer of ice covering cars, roads and wires. Closed some roads. There is no electricity in the 12 thousand houses.

This increasing amount of icing is creating dangerous driving conditions, and is hampering attempts to restore power in our rural communities and surrounding areas.

— Minnehaha Sheriff (@MinnehahaCounty) 11 APR 2019

This amount of ice is causing power outages in the county and rural communities. In the affected areas, PLEASE check on your elderly or disabled neighbors.

— Minnehaha Sheriff (@MinnehahaCounty) 11 APR 2019

Power lines just north of Sioux Falls. Your power company will have power outage maps if you need to check it out.

— Minnehaha Sheriff (@MinnehahaCounty) 11 APR 2019

The city of Sioux falls also there was a snow storm:

Crazy thunder snow currently over Sioux, Falls. Check this out!#SDwx

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) 11 APR 2019