Lviv night club “Malevich” became the scene’s debut in international match meeting in the framework of the first established on our continent, the League of women’s Boxing.

On the set is the ring, “the Ukrainian lions” were out in fights “wall to wall” with the national team of Poland.

Two start the fight in this team Deathmatch strongest athletes of neighboring countries ended with the defeat of the hosts by split decision. The champion of Europe-2009, bronze medalist of the world 2010 and won the 2016 Olympic games fifth place volynianka Tatyana Kob (a category to 51 kg) in a verdict of arbitrators gave way to silver and bronze medalist of the continent, Vice-champion of the European games 2015 Sandra Drabik.

And the winner of awards of all the national advantages from Kiev Kholodkova Snizhana (up to 57 kg) with the same score 2:3 lost to European champion and world silver medallist Sandra Kruk.

After the double debacle of our masters of leather gloves this evening was no longer upset by the defeats of their fans. And, winning all the remaining five bouts by unanimous decision, has won strong-willed victory as a team.

Assume the lead this parade of became the prize-winner of Europe Anna from Kiev Lysenko (up to 69 kg), who took over the world champion among professionals and six-time Polish Kajewski Carolina. The relay race wins she has picked a winner of many international tournaments, multiple champion of Ukraine Kharkov Julia Tsyplakova (to 60 kg), which perepechenova the owner of a world youth gold and nine-time champion of Poland Aneta Rygielski, evened the score in the match.

And “Ukrainian girls” for the first time in this meeting, brought forward the silver prize-winner of Europe-2018 hmelnitchiny Maria boruta (75 kg), confidently took precedence over the owner of the youth continental gold Agatha Kaczmarek. The next meeting of the Champions of the two countries Tatiana from Kiev Shevchenko (to 81 kg) was declared winner as her opponent Alexandra Smaller due to injury are unable to continue the fight. And finally, the final winning point in the match put the team captain, “the Ukrainian lions”, the prize-winner of Europe rovenchanka Ivanna Krupenia (54 kg), surpassed in skill six-time champion of Poland Natalia Rock.

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

LIONS. International match women’s teams. “The UKRAINIAN LION” – the Polish national team – 5:2. To 51 kg. KOB – Drabik – 2:3. To 57 kg. KHOLODKOVA – crook – 2:3. Up to 69 kg. LYSENKO – Karevska – 5:0. Up to 60 kg. TSYPLAKOVA – Regulska – 5:0. Up to 75 kg. BORUCA – Kaczmarek – 5:0. Up to 81 kg. SHEVCHENKO – Smaller – victory Ukrainka in mind the injuries of the opponent. To 54 kg. KRUPINA – Rock – 5:0.