Industrial mountaineering  is a special technology for high-altitude work on industrial and other objects, in which the workplace is achieved by lifting or descending along the rope , or using other climbing methods of promotion and insurance. Technology allows the worker to access hard-to-reach places without the use of building forests , cradles or lifting mechanisms.

Scope of industrial mountaineering is very wide, but most climbers use in industrial construction and cleaning work on facades and structures.

The main types of work of industrial climbers: spring – washing windows, cleaning and washing of heat in the summer – facade works (painting and repairing the facades), painting of steel structures (antenna mast structures) in the winter – snow and remove icicles from roofs and seasons – works (installation of towers and masts of cellular communication), sealing of interpanel joints (joints).

The work of an industrial climber is indispensable not only in the construction of houses. Ordinary specialists such as a mason, a dishwasher, a painter and others, will be useless when working at a height, while industrial climbers will perform a variety of types of exterior work. Today they are involved in the construction of skyscrapers and skyscrapers, at finishing work, during repair or maintenance of the cleanliness of the facades of buildings. This work is considered high-paying, but with an increased degree of danger, so for this specialty you need to undergo special training or retraining.

Prepare the profession of industrial climber in private and public organizations, and the program always includes psychological, vocational training, safety, different standards and regulations. The work is not allowed people who did not receive a state diploma, no medical examination were not familiar safety


The basic process of window cleaning ny is as follows. In the container with water, special cleaning agents are added (from simple soapto sodium orthophosphate ), then the washer dips the resulting brush into the resulting brush, covered with a suede or other suitable cloth, rubs the glass, and completes the process with a scraper such as ” Rubber scraper “, Which removes the remnants of dirt and water.


  • There is no need for the construction of forests and the use of lifts.
  • Significantly reduced the risk of damage to the facade cover.
  • Industrial mountaineering allows you to work in restricted environments and inaccessible places.
  • Efficiency
  • Allows you to save on the use of car tires.
  • In the case of work at very high altitudes (TV towers, windmills) or over water (bridges, dams, viaducts), industrial climbing is the only possible option for painting and restoration work.
  • Does not have height restrictions