From the Odessa activist Sergey Sternenko reported interesting information about how entertain visitors with the help of the President of the aggressor country.

According to the data
provided public figure Sergey Sternenko on the page on Facebook, the incident occurred at the Odessa shop is COMFY, transfers “Диалог.UA”.

employees of the chain decided to have some fun putting to play a fun song
the whole shop. It is known that there was a song called “Go hard like
vladimir putin”

“We decided that
for buyers it will be very helpful to include the song “Go hard like vladimir
putin” in honor of the king of the country-gas stations”, – the activist wrote.

According to Sternenko,
“narrow-minded” citizens want to the glorious city-hero rode
tanks, the terrorists of the Russian Federation. Also public figure said that
not enough yet anthem strange aggressor to hear in the store or see the Russian coat of arms.

social networks have begun to actively comment on the publication of Sergei Sternenko. So, one of the
commentators stated that the chain stores COMFY belongs to Russia. In turn,
press Secretary of COMFY were quick to respond to the statement, adding that their
shops work only on the territory of Ukraine.

Also press center
COMFY said the Odessa activist, noting that their network is allowed to
playback only a specific list of agreed tracks, and obviously,
that there was a misunderstanding. They now get the details on the issue. In addition
representative COMFY promised that the incident will not be closed eyes.

We will remind, in Odessa, made an attempt on the former head office of “Right sector” to Sternenko.