A traitor of Ukraine and a former employee of the security Service Vasily Prozorov had all the chances to be arrested on the territory of our country after the first trip to the Russian Federation.

In Russia with a great noise, a press conference was held traitor and ex-the Colonel of SBU Vasily Prozorov, who served as an expert anti-terrorist center of the SBU, he served in the headquarters of ATO since may 14th of the year, passed the enemy in the most difficult time information representing a state secret.

The journalist Yury Butusov wrote on his Facebook.

This is a very bad day for SBU: Russian special services tried to ruin the 27 th anniversary and presented the traitor, who served in the war a fairly high-ranking position. It’s really the failure of the SBU. The failure from which to draw conclusions, to review the personnel work.

Vasily Prozorov born in 1975. In the SBU, he served as an expert consultant in one of the most useless before the war, units of the Antiterrorist center of the SBU. No skills in counterterrorism have Prozorova no. The ATC was for a number of employees the sump, where it is translated, to do nothing in operational units and effect, and never have to answer, just being on the post and serving years of service. No anti-terrorist activities and realistic maneuvers SBU is not conducted, the structure was listed in the paper and on the state’s readiness for the war that such “experts”, of course, was almost zero.

And then came the war – and the ATC has a couple of appropriate people and just random ballast. Now this ballast began to perform key state functions. So negative selection in the ATC of the SBU led to the extension of the ATO headquarters of Colonel Prozorov. Where needed, proactive, motivated, militant, was the man who was not professionally wealthy.

Of course, this puncture number 1 – so random people career growth is contraindicated.

Unfortunately, in the headquarters of the ATO Prozorov was in may 2014, and served there for a long time, leaking information to the Russian security services. Yes, he served in the headquarters of ATO is not the most important tasks – for example, he was sent to escort the captured mercenaries. Prozorov recalled Volodya Parasyuk at the airport of Mariupol, and indeed, Vladimir remembers him, he came to pick up the captured Dnipro mercenaries: “I pereskaze s Prozorom if mi s kisicki the sbushniki was satriale one cholovika, that vivotif in Rosy people for the holding of the learning from quality terorists. Prozorov prisiau have skladi a groupie etuati sarimanok”.

That is when I had to send someone to chaperone and executing documents – went Prozorov. But at the expense of communicating with people, decision-makers and who Prozorov, “his”, he could get important pieces of important service information.

Prozorova different from regular alcohol consumption, but it is a long time turned a blind eye. It got to the point that it drew up a report – as is said of the SBU in the official report. The Colonel got drunk and naked and went for a walk and kick up a row in the corridors of the hostel.

Puncture number 2 – for alcoholism employees should be fired immediately and not to give to serve.

And now tell to unofficial information from sources in the SBU, which, of course, requires verification. Prozorov several years was in the development of internal security of SBU. After serving his rotation in the headquarters of ATO in 2015 Prozorov went on vacation… in the Russian Federation. And back in Russia he was not arrested!

Upon return he was detained by the WB staff on suspicion of espionage, and released under a subscription about not departure. However, no evidence of criminal activity was not.

Puncture number 3 – law enforcement officers, the unspoken communication which Russia discovered, are subject to immediate detention for long term inspection. Unfortunately, we see that in Ukraine many of the heads of security agencies in case of detection of relations with Russia continued service. So, the General security service, Sergei Semochko issued to his wife Russian citizenship in the Crimea, his family maintains contacts with the occupied territories, it has established a formal investigation, but he continues to serve, now first Deputy chief of the foreign intelligence Service. the chief of the General staff Viktor Muzhenko declared openly that he is in the midst of the battles discussed their actions with the leadership of the General staff of the Russian Federation.

In General, after the arrest Prozorova did not trust, he was under the supervision of the world Bank. He returned to his ID, he went to the Donbass, he was even sent to study in Lithuania , of course, the courses where nothing was secret. His opportunities were severely limited. However, to identify the channels of communication with Russia Prozorov failed.

Puncture No. 4 contacts with Russia, it is necessary to draw conclusions why it was not possible to identify.

Prozorova fired upon reaching them the lowest possible grade – 19 years.

In December 2017, the WB decided to find evidence of criminal activity during a sudden search. But during the search, nothing incriminating could not be found. Prozorov had to let go. The next day he went to Belarus and then to Russia.

Puncture number 5 – we need legislation which will allow intelligence to take effective measures against saboteurs and spies. Not suspected of espionage to be judged by ordinary laws we need the laws of war. Yes, it must be controlled – but spies need to hold for the long term, without any publicity and the admission of a lawyer to reveal the actions of enemy agents. However, all this is now impossible.

Case Prozorov shows the need to update the personnel of our intelligence agencies and the strengthening of the divisions of counterintelligence and internal security.

Prozorov in his speech said under the dictation of the Russian special services, it was just propaganda, the purpose of which was to spoil the mood of the leadership of the SBU in the laziness of the SBU.

The case suggests that military service listening to incompetent people is very expensive, because these losers is the best recruiting environment for intelligence of the enemy.

Such information may deter good agents, creates in the society a belief in the “office” all “flows” to resist the enemy incapable.

This is necessary to draw conclusions:

1. The enemy is really afraid of the SBU and conducting special operations to discredit the activities of the SBU. and especially counterintelligence, because it is concerned about the problems posed to Russia by the Ukrainian security services;

2. Prozorov announced information, which is not top secret, it is not lit up topical issues and personnel of the SBU. That means he’s really badly informed, and was cut off from the main body of information;

3. Russian special services have very weak knowledge about the activities of our intelligence, and call information the mouth Prozorova, which is not accurate, trying to light our destruction activities of mercenaries in the occupied territories, without receiving accurate information;

4. The leadership of Ukraine should finally pay attention to the activities of bodies of counterintelligence and internal security of security service we need the best material conditions for the best shots, the most rigorous selection process and the fastest detention or dismissal in the event of illegal activity. Currently, counter-intelligence agents and employees of the Department of protection of state get paid even less than other divisions of the SBU, for example, “K”, which are not directed against Russia;

5. In personnel work in the SBU there are serious problems. Such things as the work of Prozorova and Semochko need not condescension, but honest recognition of guilt. You cannot gloss over problems.

Recall, guy said that “violence” over the Prozorov is fast, explaining that the FSB does to traitors.

Earlier Putin has unexpectedly responded to the recognition of the former Sbushnika Prozorova in the “work” for the secret services of the Russian Federation.