Appeared detailed forecast astrologers for each Zodiac sign for the year 2019.
For many, 2019 it’s a great year / photos slovofraza.of art to the Oriental calendar, next year is the year of Yellow earth Pig.

Their forecasts for 2019, a year was given by the astrologers. They told TSN what to expect each sign of the Zodiac from the year of the Pig.


Possible change of residence and work. There will be new friends who later become business partners. In private life all will be well. Contraindicated to physically exert himself. A healthy lifestyle is encouraged.


Successful year for career development. Likely interesting trip with the family. Lonely Fish in the fall will meet an interesting person, but do not expect any serious relationship. It is better to refuse from Smoking, alcohol and other dependencies.


Perhaps the lack of money. Help friends and relatives. By late summer, the money will appear, the probable extension of the housing and weighty purchase. Single archers in autumn can Wake up unexpected feelings for the person they know.


In the first half of the year, the Lions will always be the center of attention, they will succeed in the work. You have to be attentive to friends, they can get sick and require your attention. Summer is a great possibility to meet the love.


There is a desire to learn something new. Some decide to change jobs or profession. Health appreciate, but have to worry about heart – to drink less coffee and not to be nervous on trifles.


Will have to work a lot, someone even dares to start a business, and it will bring results. Expected a lot of new friends. The family of Bulls possible addition to the family.

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Changes may relate to career, business, study, personal life. Possible relocation to another city. Especially difficult will be in may. The difficulties will end soon.


A year of work on the bugs and summarizing the results. It is desirable to prepare a business plan and to be partners with only trusted people. In office romance.


Possible conflicts with friends, loved ones in the event of excessive manifestations of their own selfishness. Until mid-summer may come a lack of money. Help out friends who will prompt an additional source of profit.


Bored chat and maybe the restriction of the people. It is necessary to overcome itself and not shunned by society. Do not waste time and energy on those who bring to life the negative.


The prospect to prove themselves on the job and get promoted. You can meet your love, which is quickly extinguished if the Rams will be too jealous.


Achieved success in any business. Especially lucky people of creative professions. Do not engage in extreme sports because they can be injured. Due to the success in the work do not forget about the relatives, which may conflict.

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