KIEV. September 3. UNN. The name of the Vice-UEFA President Grigoriy Surkis were in the financial reports of investigation FBI as a party of corruption. It is reported by the American edition of the Sports Daily, reports UNN.

Surkis started a career as a football official and the famous, and now some odious, Michel Platini, the newspaper reminds.

“Grigoriy Surkis gave him great assistance at a time when Platini was a candidate for the presidency of UEFA. It is worth noting that Platini during his election campaign visited Kiev on 15 (!) time. Thus, we can say that Grigoriy Surkis actually sponsored the election of a Frenchman,” – said in the article.

After Platini has led UEFA, Ukraine and Poland won the right to host Euro 2012, the newspaper reminds.

“In addition, consulting firms related to Hryhoriy Surkis, took to major contracts worth approximately 200 million euros. Moreover, it is clear that the actual cost of work performed at least been much less,” the message reads.

When the FBI launched an investigation against FIFA President Joseph Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini, both resigned due to corruption scandals, said The Sports Daily.

“Division of the FBI, who was involved in the financial investigation, presented the results of their work with all the evidence and reports, and Hryhoriy Surkis were on the list of those who were involved in corruption actions”, – stated in the message.

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Alexander Ceferin, founder, who replaced Platini as head of UEFA, initiated an internal investigation.

Edition of the Sports Daily, referring to the preliminary data States that “Surkis made a large number of economic crimes.”

“According to preliminary data, Platini and Surkis pocketed around € 150 million, despite the fact that Surkis spent only about € 20 million on pre-election program of Platini. There is another important detail, which confirms that Surkis, Platini and Blatter was really a close relationship. The head of UEFA and FIFA suddenly decided to ask the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and influential oligarch Rinat Akhmetov to do Surkis, Honorary President of the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU). This solution allowed Surkis to work in FIFA and UEFA, without any problems,” the article says.

The author of the article Ted Wynster forecasts a “bleak future for Surkis, if an internal investigation, UEFA has confirmed the information about his possible involvement in corruption.”

“It not only fired from all possible positions in the League, but can even deprive the right to leave the EU,” writes The Sports Daily.

We will remind as wrote UNN, Shukhevych advises Surkis to take a Ukrainian passport.