Western countries are saved from Achs fences

KIEV. March 26. UNN. The Luxembourg government will build a fence on the border with Belgium, to prevent the spread of African swine fever (ASF). It is reported by ERI “Green Front”, reports UNN.

“Using the fence with a length of 8 km Luxembourg wants to protect himself from wild boars from Belgium, which can carry African swine fever”, – writes the edition.

Still in Luxembourg, the ASF was not recorded. But the authorities are prepared to resist disease. The fact is that in 1990 in Luxembourg was 704 households with 75 463 thousand pigs, and in 2016 – only 100 92 312 thousand pigs.

It is reported that 86% of the population contains on 28 farms in the country.

“If in such circumstances broke out an epidemic of ASF, it could have disastrous consequences for the entire industry of Luxembourg”, – writes the edition.

Earlier, on intentions to confront the Achs using the fences on the borders with neighbouring countries said in Denmark, France, Finland. The fence also wanted to build the poles, but have not yet found a sufficient amount of funds.

Specify that the ASF is not going down in Ukraine. This year was recorded 11 cases of the disease. In the past, 145.

The experts and the farmers blame the government in the face of Gospodarevskaya in the inability to effectively resist the virus.

As a result, Ukraine suffers losses, increasing the quantity of imported pork, as on the domestic market for pork and lard — rising prices.

As the politician said Sergey Trigubenko, in local shops pork is more expensive than in the EU.