Guided by the principle “better to show than to tell”, the weather channel Weather Channel (USA) last year started to add a copy of a graphic image of what the speakers warned the audience. One of the latest editions has become a viral and not a little frightened audience – TV, along with scientists showed how American cities will drown by the end of the century due to sea level rise.

Leading Jen, Carfagno showed the audience a flooded street’s oldest city Charleston, which is only 4 m above the water level. And added that something similar has already been observed in Norfolk, which is 2 m below. One of the reasons, for example, can be called a glacier melting in Greenland Jakobshavn video convincingly demonstrates that from the array of ice with photos of 1851 today almost nothing is left.

Fresh and disappointing data UN: the point of no return in melting ice in the Arctic passed in the past, 2018-th year. Hence, water in the oceans will become more and more, but one only Greenland so much ice that, once thawed it will be enough to raise the global water level at 6 m relative to present.

But there is what is happening, precisely, in its vivid and horrific demonstration of a significant positive notes. As they say, forewarned is forearmed – let the inhabitants of the planet will get scared now and will go from passive discussions to find solutions to problems. Time to organize even the most ambitious local and global projects, is still there.

Source — The Weather Channel