A resident of Kharkov did not expect such resistance that she gave foreign students in response to verbal provocation.

Kharkov was to attack foreigners in the bus. The woman insulted them, let the mats, and not at all embarrassed that the cabin is a lot of people, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Footage of the incident showed the group “Kharkov 1654” in Facebook.

The brawler said that the fault of foreigners in Ukraine AIDS, and if they do not, then nothing would have happened.

However, foreigners did not give up and in response to the provocation inadequate woman stated to all the claims she filed exclusively in the Ukrainian language.

One of the guys said as they came to Ukraine, I want to communicate it in the language of this country.

“You are your braids will pull out. I am Russian woman. Because only Russians know how to swear!” – do not let inadequate passenger.

“We are in Ukraine, not in Russia, on the Ukrainian say,” retorted foreigners.

Earlier, the social network hit the frame with a fan of Putin in Kharkiv metro.

Also in the river Amateur “Russian world” working in the taxi service, travels in the hat “new Russia” and is waiting for their.