The Network has made fun of hysterical “patriots” psevdorespubliki who are not satisfied with the standard of living and prices of food supply in the “DNR”.

of the inhabitants of the occupied Makiivka, which is a supporter of the militants,
wrote in the social network “Vkontakte” an angry post about the “charms of the Russian
the world” passes “Диалог.UA”.

soul dissatisfied with the policy of the local “authorities” separatists published blogger Ukr_Che on Twitter. Collaborator outraged that the prices in fake
the Republic is inadequate, there is nothing but “leadership” doesn’t care about
common people and well is provided by the occupant country.

Network this “selective patriotism” separatist amused.

what the leader psevdorespubliki Pushilin admitted that has nothing to do with
the increase in food prices that residents ORDO finish. Also
the terrorist said that there are no resources for wage growth.

what action the film promises a slow death “L/DNI”, if “Republic”
do not unite with the country-occupier.

a resident of Luhansk was under the impression from the trip in the nearby “Republic”,
where things are a little better than “LC”.