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Football events jamb cutting – only time to react. Here is the main thing.


As for the FOOTBALL citizenship Moraes – “is not a favorite, continue to wait.”

Strongly Recalling the immortal phrase of Baron Munchausen from the great movie: “Not all stupidity still said!” Although, I confess, is difficult to say what else you can invent.

The first edition came out, which, as the witness from the FILM “the Golden calf”: “what happened?” Don’t understand football, they spoke in the style of “what’s the matter, Saakashvili and Suprun everything was fine, and Moraes is your problem?!”

Who would have told them that if Junior Moraes decided to make the Odessa Governor and the Minister of health, in General, no one questions would not have arisen (except that of predecessors) – but in football the rules some more strict…

Second, colleagues, nauskat everywhere to look for the trail of Kiev “Dynamo”. “That’s where lay employment history Moraes, that’s where all you know!” Some mythical anonymous letter to the football Federation of Portugal dragged. Look, do you really think the Portuguese here!! That is, they have no Internet and go to they have no chance, they are completely not interested in rivals for the selection of the Euro and, most importantly, I do not remember the attacker, who missed a penalty against Benfica at the stadium “Da Luz”?! Think, not in the Portuguese case, and in those characters, who weaves about them a similar. About Luxembourg sorrowfully keep silent – you know, he was not given due to the size)))

However, here we are not talking about information that is available to everyone – rather, common sense, at least its beginnings. That is Ihor Surkis allegedly in the name of revenge “Shakhtar” (what???) wants to be stuck with the national team of Ukraine and thereby reset for the top ten… well, a few million transfer fee with Dynamo players – Mikitenko, Burda, Tsygankova? You actually can not afford something, if you seriously suggest such a thing?! Although, it seems to me it’s simple: these pavelkin zaschitnichki and buddies with their servants bear the deeds of others vymirayut always and exclusively on your own. They would do anything – if only the hated Dynamo drowned! That saw this manifestation of his outstanding incompetence (which drove the horses with Moraes? What is the urgency was? Why not get an official response from FIFA Committee?) only the machinations of imaginary enemies. The moral of this is, nothing can be done. How and who laid the – hell.

Please note – “Shakhtar” in this story to drag in exclusively this kind of media, like trying to get ahead of it. I would Pitmen here from any side is not molded, so it almost forced!

It remains to be feared, it would not have announced the third group of strange people – lawyers, who believe that UEFA and FIFA are bound by the laws of Ukraine. As if somewhere these things are indicated. Here it is appropriate to remember God – forbid!


New resonant theme – the resignation of the President of the German football Association (NSF, he DFB – Dolcegabanna) Reinhard and Alster lakes. What they write about this with us? That’s right, “watch from Grigory Surkis”. As usual, at the same time firmly blurred the whole picture in General – especially in the Ukraine is full of characters led you know someone who would be happy not to see her.

The first and main reason for his forced departure and Alster lakes was the amount of 78 thousand euros he received as head of the Supervisory Board of the subsidiary DFB and declared. This story revealed and published on 29 March, the magazine “der Spiegel”, a great whale of this kind of investigation.

The second reason is the compensation, which FSA has written to the quiet and scenic sur for the loss of seats in Parliament (let me remind you that unlike anything telling about this Andrei Pavelko, the German official, being elected head of the national football Association, immediately resigned the parliamentary mandate) and refusal to return to the journalistic work on the ZDF channel (!). By the way, DFB Statute really provides for such payments if the officer lost income, but I suppose obyasni people this – after all, 7200 euros per month! Even the quiet and scenic sur long ago rejected them – even in April 2017 (elected him in 2016).

Well, donnerwetter them in the sails, it’s their problem. In the end, be careful with money and expensive things to handle.

That’s where you look. By our standards, even if you add on here the hours 6 thousand, the sums look rather comical! The leadership of the football Federation, for example, at the moment has mastered the tens of millions of those euros, but it is not going to give this report to anyone. Only the artificial turf and grounds, violently intended for them, are worth! About the missing money offshore, conflict of interests and other “Ukrainian things” better not to think about it – ridicule. UAH billion there, a billion here, tea, not much rich. By the way, I remember one of the few declared Pavelko items is a “small collection”? Well, there you know, “Glory”, “Rocket”, “Luch” Seconda de Luxe (this is Soviet export!), “Dawn,” “them. Kirov”, “Commander”. Irony? Perhaps, Yes, although the quality of Soviet hours to be ironic stupid, and they are now decent. Okay, it’s not about them.

Here’s the conclusion to not continue to be distracted. Once again please pay attention to how stressed sensitive in a country such as Germany, belong to third-party income and gifts – the one who receives and accepts, is required to be transparent for any kind of fiscal authorities as a whistle from most of those hours! How you have to be careful to word it (a quiet and scenic sur clashed with local media, and did so completely in vain), nor, God forbid, it’s not to go beyond the visible and even the invisible box, behind which your political and business career instantly goes into oblivion! And Reinhard quiet and scenic sur were well aware of the charges against him in German, that is, civilized standards are to work in the current post he will no longer give – resignation is inevitable, and better to make it more masculine, while retaining if not the face, then the rest of him. Because Germany and living in Germany – law observes.

Can you imagine the scale of charges, which would have gone to the resignation of the President of FFU? I can’t. This is clearly something cosmic, earth-shattering! In any case, under the current regime.

That’s what we need to say and now you got to worry about. In Germany, then nothing will change that in the quiet and scenic sur that with Koch, that in Rouble that under the new President, who will be chosen in September.

Artem Frankov, Football