The automaker Volvo has introduced a limited edition series of “V90 Cross Country Volvo Ocean Race,” which brings together three dominant ideas of the company. It is the creation of great cars, charity round-the-world ocean race and the passion for innovation. The secret of this series of cars that a large part of the interior of their cabin is made from recycled trash.

Another difference between the “Ocean Race” from the base model – the Volvo engineers increased ground clearance and changed the chassis to something more appropriate for vnedorozhe. It is a direct hint – go across the world and collect the garbage. Primarily plastic, which not only is the most dangerous form of pollution on the planet, but also necessary in the production of these machines.

The beauty news soaked in stressed gray tones is a synthetic fabric, Econyl. It is 100 % recycled nylon, which became an old fishing net is raised out of the ocean. The participants of the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race, which this year goes from three-year to a two-year cycle. Once the start was given on 22 October in Alicante, Spain.

Each boat participating in the race strictly be equipped with sensors “health of the ocean.” The sensors measure temperature, wind speed and currents, pressure and other climatic indicators over the whole route. Plus, data is collected on the accumulation of garbage in the Volvo say they’ll send 100 euros from the sale of each of the first 3000 copies V90 Cross Country to Fund this and similar programs.

Source — Volvo