Videos Volvo Cars will learn to calculate the drunks and inattentive driversPhoto: Screenshot

Volvo will be equipped with a system of cameras and sensors, which will monitor driver

22.03.19 10210

Renowned car company Volvo presented the project to equip its future cars with the systems of recognition of drunk or inattentive drivers, writes the magazine “Behind the wheel”.

This project is part of the plan Vision 2020. Automaker, the programme plans to do everything possible to reduce to zero the number of deaths and cases receiving significant injuries in a new Volvo.

Earlier the company said that the maximum speed of a new Volvo from 2020 will specifically be limited to a mark of 180 km/h.

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It is noted that Volvo cars will be equipped with a system of cameras and sensors that will monitor the driver. If he’ll take your eyes off the road, close their eyes or begin to move in a zigzag pattern along the strip, the machine activates the security system and will sound to alert you.

If the person is driving does not respond to the warning, the car will slow down independently and automatically call emergency services via the Volvo on Call system.

The lack of response to the questions of the operator or an inadequate reaction of the driver they will become a signal for the absolute stop of the machine. If necessary, there will be caused by police or ambulance.

As previously reported by the Focus:

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