37-year-old Vladimir Yaglych ceased to hide from the public two year-old daughter Eva.

Vladimir Yaglych and his 29-year-old wife Antonina papernaya will soon become parents for the second time. The upcoming replenishment in the family became known a few weeks ago, and now the pair has unveiled it and on the cover of Hello magazine.

The pair also showed his 2-year-old daughter eve.

In the review members congratulate the couple with the upcoming replenishment, and also note that the eldest daughter is growing a copy of his father. “Girl look like dad”; “father’s daughter”; “a Very beautiful family. Be happy and healthy”; “Daughter — copy direct”; “Wow! Girl is your daddy”; “What news! Congratulations!”; “A pretty girl. Look like dad”, — write fans.

Recall that on the novel by Vladimir Yaglych and daughter of actress Olga Sumskaya became known in 2015. Earlier, the actor was married to Svetlana Khodchenkova.=