Olexander Vilkul

KIEV. May 25. UNN. Co-Chairman of the faction “Opposition bloc” in Parliament, Oleksandr Vilkul commented on his page in Facebook the introduction by the Prosecutor General to the Verkhovna Rada representation about the lifting of his parliamentary immunity, reports UNN citing “112 Ukraine”.

“All these four years the power has studied under a microscope to my work, checked each of my signature, and here, suddenly, found something there in 2011. So I am sure that this is another attempt of the authorities to put pressure on me and to restrict my political activity,” he wrote.

“I spend hundreds of meetings in the regions of Ukraine, not afraid to speak the truth in the ethers of the so-called activities of the current government, not afraid to name names and expose their crimes. My meetings are trying to disrupt the radicals covered by the current authorities. Received calls about “mining” areas, where I meet people. Local authorities, at the direction of the center, call a special meeting on how to prevent or to disrupt my events. Most often without success,” – said Vilkul.

“Neither I nor my supporters that don’t stop — more and more people come to meetings with me and even willing to stand outside in all weather conditions to hear the truth. Even so to Express their disagreement with the policies of the current government. Ukrainians come out of her daze, want to regain the dignity and normal life,” he said.

“Therefore, this “padania” I see it as another the action of the authorities aimed at limitation of my political activity. Again, in four years, the GPU has only found some signature for 2011. You even think about it! That is corruption in the country is already defeated? In the government already employs some saints?” – the people’s Deputy writes.

“You trust a GPU? See the real case on the corruption of power? In the country that plundered billions of hryvnia on the so-called repairs? On public procurement do not sit company-strip officials of the current government? In “Naftogaz” “young talents” do not write themselves multimillion-dollar bonuses at the expense of increase of tariffs for the population? How many big journalistic investigations on corruption officials today — hundreds! And how many brought real criminal cases on these facts — zero! Therefore, we have no confidence in law enforcement and the GPU in particular. Already it is obvious that the GPU was not a judicial body, but an instrument of reprisals against political opponents of the government,” he said.

“I calmly refer to the removal from me of parliamentary immunity — I have been a supporter of abolishing it as such. For me it is also clear that if this case ever go to trial, it will crumble, and proven my innocence. But the GPU and does not attempt to prove my guilt in court. They need another”, – wrote the politician.

“We need to obtain the right to conduct searches of my family and friends. Call them for hours of senseless questioning. And thus put pressure on me, trying to destabilize me. And, to be honest, I will feel bad for them. It will purposefully beat on the closest people for me” – said Vilkul.

“But to break them I will fail. I know he’s innocent. Know that we will win — this power was already very long. Victory will be ours! As I see it, the leadership of the GPU adopts the worst practices of their predecessors. I know that “padania” prepared for a long time, but the representation in the Verkhovna Rada constantly postponed. Now I understand why it was a gift for my birthday. Well, we can say that the gift was a success. It is a good tradition of the GPU. Isn’t that Yury Vitalyevich?” – he concluded.