In Bahrain, completed the second stage of the world championship in the class “Formula-1”. The victory was won by reigning champion Lewis Hamilton, second place went to his partner for Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas. The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclere, who surpassed all in qualifying, failed to keep the first two lines because of mistakes on the track and engine failure. Daniil Kvyat this time remained without glasses.

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Free practice

In free practice was dominated by pilots of Ferrari. Unlike Australia, where the Scuderia had problems in Bahrain, the racers of the Italian team showed a very high rate of speed.

As a result, in the first free practice the best time showed Charles Leclere, and the second — Sebastian Vettel (+of 0.263). In the second partners in the stable reversed: Vettel celebrated a local victory, and LeClair gave him just 0.035 seconds.

Pilots of the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas and reigning champion Lewis Hamilton has consistently finished third and fourth respectively with a very solid backlog. In the first attempt, it exceeded half of the second, and the second made up of a second.

However, Ferrari rejoice in no hurry. Team leader Mattia Binotto after Friday’s races, said that the advantage of the riders of his team can be misleading, and admitted he expects a difficult battle.

As for Daniil Kvyat, he in the first race showed the ninth time (+1,985), and the second — tenth (+1,247). His partner at Toro Rosso Alexander Mirel Albon also showed overall good results, twice finishing 13th.

The Friday program will remember the crash of Nico and Antonio Giovinazzi in the first practice, after which the riders almost clashed, but eventually escaped the penalty.

Finally, in the third free practice on Saturday, March 30, the best time again showed Leclere, and the second was Vettel (+0,169). Hamilton and Bottas remained in their previous positions. Kvyat has demonstrated once again the tenth time.

And the pilots of Red Bull Max Verstappen and Pierre went Out all failed, finishing in eighth and 12th places respectively.


The main hero of skill was again Leclere, habitually left on second place Vettel. He consistently improved his time in the end in the first attempt of the third segment has a repeated track record of team-mate (+1.27,958). The second attempt monacan beat him with a score of 1.27,866 and for the first time in his career he won the pole.


Fourth career win and first points for Bottas Kvyat after his return: the results of the Australia Grand Prix in the “Formula 1”

On the track “albert Park” in Melbourne, the first stage of the world championship in the class “Formula-1” Gran-at Australia. In the first place.

“The race tomorrow and points will accrue for it, but it was a good start, now try to finish the job. Very happy. In the previous step was not satisfied with the qualifications and made errors in the third segment. Worked hard not to repeat the same mistakes. Vettel is a great pilot. I have a lot to learn from him, and I will do it throughout the year. But today I am happy to be ahead of him”, — quotes the words of a Monegasque citizen BBC.

21-year-old Charles became the second among the youngest racers, the owner of the pole in history, second only to Vettel. He first achieved a similar success at the Grand Prix of Italy 2008 at the age of 21 years and two months.

The second number of expected occupied Hamilton and Bottas, who lost LeClair of the order of 0.4 seconds, the third — Verstappen and Kevin Magnussen from Haas.

Kvyat showed only 15-th result of offensive mistakes mechanics Toro Rosso. On the second attempt of the second segment in the car, Russians accidentally set of already used tyres. The athlete quickly realized what is happening, but to return to the box have not had time and only asked with surprise, “What was that, guys”?


But how clear it turned out the advantage of Mercedes over Ferrari in qualifying, so unexpected came the final defeat of the pilots of the Italian stables in the 999-th race in the history “Formulas-1”. Binotto front of the main start is not in vain experienced a feeling of anxiety.


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Although at first there were no signs of trouble for LeClair and Vettel. Charles, however, in the first turn allowed them to pass themselves to a teammate and then skipped forward and Valtteri Bottas. However, the athlete from Monaco has quickly managed to regain first place.

Moreover, monagas steadily increased its advantage and once again managed to show the fastest lap. 21-year-old driver eyes went from Hamilton, I just don’t have the slightest ability to compete with Ferrari race cars at speed.

Not helped change tires on the first pit stop. Lewis change to soft tyres, and Vettel with LeClair in the middle, but it did not change the situation. The British on the radio was only to complain about their impotence.

Seemed, confident the race will end the dominance of Ferrari, but fate had both an unpleasant gift. Failure for the team started after the second time Hamilton stopped in the pit lane.

Back on the road, he started to get closer to Vettel and eventually caught up with him. At the 38th round, the defending champion managed to pass the opponent, and the last car besides unexpectedly deployed, though the touch of the Mercedes was not. To make matters worse, the Germans had a contact with a circular car, and he fell to eighth place.

And then, fate made a cruel joke and over LeClair. After a few laps after Vettel embarrassment of the owner of the pole began to lose speed. In negotiations with the team it became clear that a Monegasque citizen broke the power plant.

With this failure the pilot of Ferrari has not left the slightest chance of a medal, and he skipped forward as Hamilton and Bottas. So the Mercedes team unexpectedly made a sharp jump up.

LeClair also the third place was given out to the track the pace car because of a descent of several cars. Vettel eventually finished fifth.

“It happens, it’s part of Motorsport. Unfortunately, today was not our day, but I’m sure the team did an amazing job. We were lucky in a very unfortunate situation, since the finish remained behind the safety car. It’s a shame to finish third, but I never look at the result, only potential. Congratulations to Hamilton and Bottas, and we’ll be back even stronger”, — quotes the words of LeClair BBC.

Hamilton and Bottas once again issued a Golden double, only this time reversed.

“Incredible bad luck for Charles. He had a great race. I had to go and see him, because he did a great job. I’m sure it’s devastating result for the LeClair. He deserved to win, but we were lucky. This guy has a lot of victories. I expect he will be great, and he’s doing a good job” — quoted Hamilton Sky Sports.

As for Kvyat, the Grand Prix of Bahrain was frankly a failure. For a start, he failed to qualify because of errors of technicians, and then spent obscure race.

Perhaps finally put an end on the points of the prospects of Russian turn after contact with the car of Antonio Giovinazzi and a five-second penalty for speeding in the pit stop. But as a result of Daniel because of the gathering of other pilots managed to finish in 12th place. But his partner Mirel Albon for the first time in his career he hit in the points zone, becoming the ninth.