In Sevastopol, an explosion near a thermal power plant and an asphalt plant: a map of the scene has been published

The occupation authorities have not yet commented on today’s explosion in Sevastopol opposite the CHP.

This morning in Sevastopol, which has been under the control of the Russian military since 2014, a rather strong explosion was heard near the thermal power plant, informs the opposition Crimean TG channel “Crimean Wind”,

It is known that not far from the place of “cotton”, in addition to the CHP, there are various industrial facilities, the most notable of which is an asphalt plant.

Residents of occupied Sevastopol, describing the incident, claim that they heard the sounds of “bavovna” at about 9:30.

By the way, the occupation “administration” of the city has not yet commented on the situation.

In addition, the mass media write that on the eve of any warnings about the conduct of exercises or planned detonation of ammunition in the area was also not.

Recall that thick white smoke was seen over the Crimean Bridge, traffic on it is blocked – an air alert has been declared in Sevastopol

In addition, the head of the GUR MO Kirill Budanov predicted the fate of the Crimean bridge.