China has once again demonstrated to the whole world its capabilities in creating a new generation of transport. A Maglev train has just been introduced in the country, capable of accelerating up to 600 km/h – half the speed of sound.

The creator of the bullet train is the state-owned company CRRC Corporation. The company said that the distance between Beijing and Shanghai is 1200 km long, it will “fly” in a record three hours, including stops. For comparison, an airplane flight on this route will take 2 hours and 5 minutes, and a car trip will take 12 hours.

It is still unknown where the new trains will run. It is assumed that they will consist of two to ten cars, accommodating up to one hundred passengers.

The Celestial Empire is confident that their ultra-modern train will become the fastest on the planet and will bypass its main competitor-the brainchild of Central Japan Railway Company, which has already put into operation a maglev train that has managed to reach a speed of 603 km / h.

According to the Chinese edition of the Global Times, a braking system is installed on the train, providing a braking distance of only 10 km. For comparison, the current Shanghai high-speed maglev train requires 16 km for this.

However, even despite the speed records, CRRC trains will have to prove their commercial viability, since they remain a very expensive “pleasure” for the state. For example, the construction of a highway between the center of Shanghai and the international airport (opened in 2004) with a length of only 30 km cost $ 1.14 billion, plus its maintenance costs another $ 100 million annually.
Source-Global Times