The legitimate government of Venezuela has banned the self-proclaimed President Huang Guido to hold public office for 15 years. In Caracas noted that the status of a Deputy, Guido made more than 90 foreign trips, without explaining the source of their funding. Meanwhile, the United States and the European Parliament called for the introduction of new sanctions against Venezuela and the legitimate President Maduro and Brazil after Donald trump spoke out against the Russian military presence in Venezuela.

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Venezuelan authorities have banned the head of the National Assembly and the self-proclaimed President Huang Guido to hold any public office for 15 years.

This was stated by the head of the control Department of the Venezuelan Elvis Amoroso. According to him, the Agency February 11, beginning verification of ownership of MP Guido. The reason for the proceedings was the concealment of information in the Declaration and the undocumented, receive funds from abroad.

“Migration management in Venezuela revealed that Deputy Juan Guido made over 90 trips abroad, totaling more than 300 million bolivars, and records about the source of the used funds not found”, — quotes the edition Amoroso Noticias24.

According to Venezuelan officials, Guido “usurped state authority and collaborated with foreign governments to harm the people of Venezuela”.

“Given that the 105th article of the office’s work gives the possibility to impose sanctions in the form of deprivation of the rights of civil servants, the decision to dismiss the citizen Juan, Guido from any positions,” concluded Amoroso.

From the point of view of Guido, banning him from the civil service office does not have these powers.

“The so-called control Department does not exist, nothing. Only legitimate national Parliament is the only force that is able to appoint a controlling authority”, — quotes the words of Guido Twitter of the National Assembly.

.@jguaido “El Contralor supuesto, no existe, la constituyente no existe nada de eso existe El legítimo Parlamento Nacional, es el único poder que puede designar un Contralor” #PlanPaísEsSolución

— Asamblea Nacional (@AsambleaVE) March 28, 2019.

We will remind that on January 23 in Venezuela, began a political crisis. The speaker of the National Assembly Juan Guido declared himself acting President. The USA and several other Western States recognized Guido legitimate leader. The Supreme court of Venezuela described the opposition as illegal.

The authorities called the actions of Guido coup supported by Washington. Caracas has decided to break off diplomatic relations with Colombia and the United States.

In Moscow took the view that Maduro continues to remain the only legitimate President. This was stated on March 28, the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Mr. Guido can proclaim himself to anyone. These cases are described in history, in medicine… No real power Mr. Guido no, wherever he went his wife,” said Zakharova, referring to the recent visit of the wife of Guido Fabiani Rosales in the White house.

New sanctions

Meanwhile, the US urged the EU to impose new sanctions against Venezuela. This was stated by the special representative of the United States to Venezuela Elliott Abrams.

He said that he agreed with the need for the introduction of new sanctions against Caracas, and added that the United States asked the EU to impose new restrictions against Maduro. So Abrams answered the question of journalists whether the US support announced on the eve of a similar measure by the European Parliament.

Previously, the EP called for the introduction of additional sanctions against Venezuelan officials and their assets abroad.

“To impose additional sanctions against the illegitimate assets of the authorities abroad and those responsible for human rights violations and repression,” — said in a statement on the website of the European Parliament. The authority called upon to block the visas of these persons and their next of kin.

In addition, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling to initiate an investigation of the International criminal court against the government of Venezuela and President Maduro.

The Russian military in Venezuela

Foreign Minister of Brazil after the President of the United States Donald trump urged the Russian military to leave Venezuela, if the purpose of their stay in the Republic of — support for Maduro.


“Political competition”: how the US is trying to prevent military cooperation between Russia and Venezuela

The Russian foreign Ministry flatly rejected Washington’s accusation against Russia of interference in the Affairs of Venezuela. Earlier, the house of representatives…

We will remind, on March 24, Russian media reported the arrival in Caracas of two Russian planes with a group of military specialists for bilateral consultations.

“If their objective is to extend the stay of Maduro in power, it means that more people will face starvation and run away from the country, happens an even greater humanitarian tragedy. Any circumstance contributing to the suffering of the Venezuelan people, should be eliminated,” — said in an interview with Reuters, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Brazil Ernesto araújo.

According to him, Brazil would like to discuss Venezuelan crisis with China and Russia in the bilateral format and try to convince Moscow and Beijing that a diplomatic transition of power in Venezuela, which is a major oil exporter, responsible to their interests.

Araújo said that the only way out of crisis in Venezuela — time elections under the provisional government, the head of which is Guido.

Previously, trump said that Russia should leave Venezuela and to implement this scenario are considered “all options”.

In Moscow said that soldiers from Russia will be in Venezuela until, as necessary.

“For how long? As much as they need. As much as they need the government of Venezuela. This is all done on the basis of bilateral agreements”, — said Zakharov during the weekly briefing.

Foreign Ministry spokesman reminded that the cooperation between Moscow and Caracas is based on the agreement on military-technical cooperation and the Russian side didn’t violate any international agreements or internal law of Venezuela.

“Russia does not change the balance of power in the region, Russia does not threaten anyone, unlike citizens in Washington,” — said the diplomat.