Farewell to George Floyd in Houston

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Farewell to George Floyd in Houston

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George Floyd

Ex-policeman Derek Showin during the arrest of George Floyd

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June 9 in U.S. at 19:00 began the “national” funeral. In this century America did more with anyone is not forgiven – no idol, no politician. Rock stars would envy such a farewell and funeral, such crying and such media coverage.

The funeral of George Floyd, who after the death suddenly became a “hero” and “symbol” are broadcast live. To see the Golden coffin to the cemetery in Pearland (TX), where lies the mother of the murdered African American, will be not less than 10 thousand people to the South had already gathered, many residents of Minneapolis, new York, Washington… And said goodbye to him tens of thousands.

Golden coffin with the body first exhibited in Minneapolis (Minnesota), where Floyd died at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin, who was then transported to Raford (NC), where Floyd was born, and on the third day was driven in the hearse to Houston (TX), where Floyd grew up and lived for a long time. There he was put farewell in the local Church, Fountain of Praise. At the University of Houston has even canceled classes so students and teachers could attend the service.

Grieving, which was many thousands more, slowly, observing the distance, approached the coffin. Someone was crying, someone raised a hand with a clenched fist. Many were in t-shirts of the movement Black Lives Matter, which unwittingly became Floyd.

Grieving for Floyd and Washington. He kneeled down to 8 minutes, 46 seconds (just so the COP Derek Showin sitting on the neck of George Floyd), Democrats in Congress commemorated the victims of the police in the United States. Condolences to the family of the deceased, personally expressed, the presidential candidate from the US Democratic party in future elections, Joe Biden. He will specially come to Texas, but to the actual ceremony will not go, because the funeral is scheduled the screening of the video message. It is expected that the funeral will bring together nearly 500 invited by the family of Floyd guests, including political leaders and celebrities.

Body unexpected “symbol” of the struggle of Americans with racial discrimination, arbitrariness of the authorities and the police, three days peacefully lying in a coffin will be buried two weeks after his death. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz in his Twitter urged citizens to celebrate the beginning of the funeral a moment of silence with a length of 8 minutes, 46 seconds.

His portraits now adorn the main site pages, editorials of Newspapers and t-shirts of activists. Now think of him only as a doting father, a loving husband, a great friend, although in life, George Floyd was repeatedly convicted, including for drug-related offences, and for armed robbery, during which he held a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman while accomplices robbed her house. And even in the last moment of his life, Floyd was strung out on meth.

Unbelievable grief, unbelievable mess and kneeling idiots

Interesting response about the funeral of Floyd published in his Facebook Alexandra Antosiak long-term residents in the USA.

“Which day is the most powerful country on the planet says goodbye to one of its best sons. So do not bury even presidents. Gold coffin and hundreds of thousands grieving and weeping, kneeling thousands of idiots apologize to the black population in some States. The mayor of Minneapolis, grasping hands over the coffin (so as not to fall from burning) with a body worthy of the worthy citizens of America, shedding crocodile tears and snot. His sobs are interrupted by cries of “Provoactive”, IIiii… again continues on the rise.

Choking on saliva, crying ex-wife is murdered, however, the last time she saw him 6 years ago when he dumped her three-month daughter. Money to daughter over the years, he sent his ex-wife never, but the poor widow for a week screaming about how that was left without a breadwinner, and therefore compassionate Americans gathered her little bit of 20,000,000 dollars, and the money continues to flow.

The University of Massachusetts has established a scholarship named George Floyd. Could do this pundit at least to read, we don’t know, likely not. Prisons do not teach. If events unfold such a pace that, one never knows, the Nobel prize renamed in Floydesque.

Great Floyd was convicted of robbery, for drug trafficking, armed robbery (for the last time, holding his claws at the throat of a pregnant woman and put the gun to her stomach, he wanted money)… after I made a deal with the investigation, handed over all his accomplices, than a few years has reduced the sentence.

At autopsy his body in the blood found drugs. Here is the national hero of America of the XXI century. We failed to protect your beam of light. But left followers. The case of Floyd lives and grows. Mass looting and violence, as a sign of respect and mourning for George, has swept the democratic States of the USA. Posted in trash the most beautiful areas of different cities, including new York and Los Angeles. Scared raped 17-year-old girl, burned hundreds of police officers, and not just the cars, knackered and pukey streets, squares, alleys parks, collapsed neck swans living contentedly and at ease in each city pond… (before I met glogovce).

The presidential candidate of the United States Joe Biden with a severe form of senile dementia today, too, fell to his knees, to get up himself, however, he couldn’t, he needed help, but hundreds of thousands of admirers of the “Holy Floyd” is not confused. They will vote for this fossil, which, in fact, the Democrats seek, not disdaining anything. On my knees?! No question – on your knees!!!! Face into the shit?!.. With our great pleasure!!!!! Whatever you say, “the Floyd”!!! And, that nasty, that almost the entire Democratic party of the country is such”.

In the US, a discussion about police reform

Meanwhile in the U.S., the ongoing debate about race and police reform.

Representatives of African American religious communities, progressive Catholics, Protestants, Jews and other religious groups urged the U.S. government to reform the police and eliminate racism. More than 1000 rabbis, pastors, imams and other religious leaders held an online conference to discuss ways of confronting systematic violence against African Americans.

According to the published poll Washington Post-Schar School, 81% of respondents believe that in the American police the necessary changes to ensure equal treatment of African Americans and white. 74% of respondents support the protests, and 25% strongly oppose them.

Commenting on the reaction of US President Donald trump the situation, 61% of respondents were negative, with 35% approving.

The Democrats of the U.S. Congress on the eve of, introduced a bill aimed at conducting a large-scale police reform in response to mass protests in the country. The initiative specifically forbids the guards to apply chokes, creates a national database for tracking illegal actions by the police, and also prohibits in some cases to issue a warrant allowing police to break into the house without warning. Under the proposed reform increases the responsibility of the custody order, including acts of violence and arbitrariness against the suspect.

On the same day the US President Donald trump said that he is not going to dissolve the police or to cut its funding. “We have great law enforcement, I am very proud of them. No deprivation (police) funding, will not the abolition of our police. There will be no dissolution of our police. Our police allows us to live in the world, we want to be sure that it doesn’t have bad actors, sometimes you see terrible things, as we have seen recently, but… 99% of them are great people”, – said the head of the White house.

In turn, the Minister of justice – US attorney General William Barr on the same event expressed the readiness of the US authorities to work with law enforcement authorities over the issue of standards on use of force by police. “I know that the heads of the police have shown great interest in clarity and guidelines on the use of force in certain matters, to ensure the availability of standards, to ensure that they (police) are trained to ensure that (standards) are adhered to. We look forward to working with you to do it,” said Barr.