KIEV. August 3. UNN. Us senators consider it necessary to limit the right of Russia to use mechanisms for the issuance of the so-called red notices in Interpol (the announcement in the international search of persons) due to the fact that Moscow is abusing this opportunity. The relevant provision in the text of the bill of the sharp tightening of us sanctions against Russia, reports UNN with reference to the materials received by the Russian Agency TASS.

From the point of view of the senators, “the Russian Federation has abused the mechanism, the red notice of Interpol, with mainly political goals and for the implementation of the interrogations and persecution of their political opponents.” “The attorney General, in coordination with the Secretary of homeland security should use the influence of the United States in Interpol to limit and prevent abuses by the government of the Russian Federation mechanisms of the Interpol, including a temporary ban on the use of the government of the Russian Federation of the mechanism of “red notice,” reads the bill.

In addition, the senators are convinced that persons declared wanted by Interpol on Russia’s request, should not be restricted entry to the territory of the United States and such persons should not be denied political asylum.

Us senators consider it necessary for the United States to work more actively with the countries of Europe and Eurasia to protect against malicious activity and confrontation with Russia as a whole.

In response to intelligence breaches, cyber attacks and campaigns to influence political processes from the Russian senators propose “the governments (of countries) Europe and Eurasia to redouble their efforts to increase the stability of their political institutions, systems, and civil society.” “The United States government should continue to work with the (EU and NATO) and to strengthen these institutions, including the European Union as a partner in countering aggression on the part of the government of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the text. This interaction is expected to be implemented through “coordination of assistance programmes, providing support in development and other actions to counter the malicious influence of Russia”.

As reported UNN, Senator Graham said that U.S. sanctions against Russia are not working and need to take new, additional measures.