German manufacturer of amusement rides Wiegand-Maelzer has built a prototype of an entertainment device of the future. In a world where very little free space, and the land is worth a fortune and a Grand design should be minimized. And together – thus was born the project “Slidewheel”.

Three twisted loop of hollow tubes into each other, creating a closed system with one input, part-time and output. In the geometric center of the structure is an ordinary axle of a Ferris wheel, around which rotates the whole structure at a speed of approximately 3 rpm. Due to this, due to the complex architecture of the raft with people inside the tube accelerates to 40 km/h and constantly slides on a curved trajectory.

The construction height of 24 m, it occupies an area of 32 by 26 m, which is much less than any water slide or a model of a Ferris wheel. But the path that will drive a family of 4 people at a time, a very long and winding – the engineers promise them a “sea of experiences”. The throughput of the attraction is 720 people per hour.

The German developers have successfully built and tested “Slidewheel”, but on the commercial production of the question. To explore the wonderful hill is also nowhere – there are only rumors that they can buy some European amusement parks. Or not, because even after studying the overview video from the side this car looks more like an attraction from a horror movie, not hilarious fun for the whole family.

Source — Attractions Magazine