Authorities urged to check the prices for transportation of passengers.
“Our land” calls on the authorities to check the price of the carriage of passengers /, sergey shakhov

An independent verification of the transparency of the prices of public transport will not only stop the growth of fares, but will reduce them.

This was stated by MP from the party “Our land” Sergey Shakhov.

He is convinced that a comprehensive audit of the transparency of work of public transport will show the groundlessness passenger fares.

“At the end of October the authorities of Ternopil twice “pulled up” the fares in public transport. The community organized to protest, and officials immediately returned tariffs to their previous level. There is reason to Jack up ticket prices by 100 percent absent. I’m sure a similar situation in most of cities, where inflated prices for transportation,” – said Sergey Shakhov.

MP from the “Our land” said to give the issues of transport pricing at the mercy of local officials.

“Officials in the absence of control can raise fares as they please. It is not correct. Public transportation satisfies the needs of the widest layers of the workers of enterprises and services, employees, students, retirees. The more comfortable and affordable will be mass transportation, the higher the standard of living and well-being of local communities. Therefore, the state should actively intervene in the regulation of this sphere”, – said Sergey Shakhov.

Party “Our land” calls on the authorities to check the price of the carriage of passengers, said Sergey Shakhov.

“There should be an independent audit of the reasonableness of fares in all cities. In cases where the price increase is made only in favor of the carriers, without taking into account the realities and interests of citizens – the decision to retire. There are examples of reduced fares, which proves the possibility of a reasonable compromise on this important issue”, – said the MP from the “Our land”.

We will remind that in July of this year doubled the price of travel in Kiev. An example of the capital has been adopted by the authorities of other cities. In Ternopil, the price of admission twice raised at the end of October, and after a week under public pressure has lowered to the previous level. Also in the Poltava government first raised the price of admission and can soon be lowered. Explained that the cost is “some justified reservations”.