Video Unique large caliber rifle created in Kharkiv

All the elements of the rifles produced in Ukraine, even the trunk


Kharkiv has created a unique large-caliber rifle Snipex Rhino Hunter. It was developed for those who for the sake of an accurate shot ready to wait for hours. It is reported by the channel 24.

Ukrainian snipers are now ready to evaluate the new brainchild of Kharkiv. Affects the effective range is 2.5 kilometers. Barrel length – 750 mm, having a total length of 1200 mm.

The producers assure that the firing of Snipex as convenient as possible: easy recharge, cartridge ejected automatically, very low recoil and a gun that floats.

Rifle sharpened by NATO 12.7. And in this there are certain difficulties. After all, Ukraine has lost the plant in Luhansk, which produces ammunition of the Soviet model. But to establish a purchase, the NATO ammo is not so simple.

Surprising fact that this rifle was produced at a chemical company. First Kharkiv just voluntarily – sent military lubricant for guns. And then came the idea to develop a real weapon, especially because on the basis of the concern operated a small club.

All the elements of the rifles produced in Ukraine, even the trunk. While other manufacturers are forced to buy them abroad.