Under threat of ban: pharmacies in Lithuania started actively to advertise

KIEV. 28 Dec. UNN. In Lithuania pharmacies has significantly increased spending on your ads, reports UNN with reference to delfi.lt.

“This year the retail segment accounted for 5.1% of all investments (in advertising, ed.), last year – 3.2% and was in fifth place after the trade networks, centers of telecommunications services”, – writes the edition.

More just – doubled – in ten months growth in the volume of network advertising Eurovaistine, advertising sales pharmacy network Camelia increased by 52%, and network Gintarine vaistine by 63%.

The head of advertising monitoring Kantar TNS hedra Uranine attributes this trend started last year and continued in may with a discussion on ban the advertising of pharmacies.

We will remind, in Ukraine uncontrolled advertising of drugs has led to an increase in expenses of Ukrainians in non-performing medications.

On the other hand, according to the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, pharmacies in Ukraine turned into supermarkets, which pursue primarily commercial goals, forgetting about social responsibility and mission.

To restore order in the pharmaceutical market, in the Parliament registered the pharmacy bill (No. 8591), which provides for certain restrictions for the owners of chain pharmacies. Thus, lawmakers seeking to improve competition and reduce prices for medicines.

The bill is still in revision from the authors. Voting for the new document is scheduled in 2019.