The media was in a difficult situation, as already the second day I can not get from the leadership of PepsiCo clear information about whether she could show that the satellite is. Last week the Russian representative office openly and almost officially confirmed this fact. I only had the weekend and a flurry of criticism in the Internet to the company hurried to change their plans.

The leadership of the Russian startup StartRocket, which should organize the run, there is slight confusion – they don’t know what to answer to journalists. Previously, the company began developing the details of the satellite broadcast advertising, which has already been selected by the text “Adrenaline GameChangers”. This is carried out in the framework of the eponymous socio-commercial project in support of the fight against stereotypes about gamers. The main customer – brand Adrenaline Rush, a subsidiary of PepsiCo.

Now in StartRocket faced with a lack of information – the customer keeps mysterious silence. In those rare moments when the media fails to get a comment from representatives of Pepsi, they point to the misunderstanding between the Russian office and the headquarters. And now companies are quickly looking for a compromise.

One of the aforementioned variants may be part of Pepsi only in the pilot launch stratospheric balloons for advertising. Allegedly, the company decided to test an idea and personal experience to explore a new form of advertising. And how to annoy consumers view advertising in the night sky, not a speech. Though, because marketers can’t calculate, what will be more profit from the inevitable hype or fall reputation from outright resentment of many people.
Source — Gizmodo