KIEV. May 1. UNN. Ukrainians offer to hold solemn events on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the start of repairs on the highway Kiev — Odessa. A petition posted on the website of the President, reports UNN.

In particular, the author of the petition, Yuri Melnichenko offers pompously celebrate the eighth anniversary of the start of repairs on the highway of state value Kyiv — Odessa (pyatidesyatimetrovy site Kiev — White Church).

Ukrainian offers to allocate funds “for the parade (you can directly on this stretch of highway) with a span of aviation.”

“Also propose to consider the possibility of renaming of streets in some cities of Ukraine in honor of this repair work (e.g.”Street name Decade after the beginning of repair of a highway Kiev — Odessa“ (on the future) or ”Street name “for How long???”)“, – added the author.

In addition, in the petition, he noted that, as a new generation grows up that, for objective reasons, can not remember the road in usable condition, it is necessary to cover this subject in the literature of the sci-Fi direction with the obligatory indication of the evidence base that, “theoretically, everything could be different.” And for outreach on this issue, the initiator of the celebrations offers to draw “experts, society ladies, connoisseurs, which are a dime a dozen”.

The petition published on April 24, 2018. It was supported by 15 Ukrainians.

We will remind, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called for a ban on the sale of alcohol to people without higher education.