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In a beauty contest, a native of Volyn moved “just for fun.”

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Ukrainian Yana vlasuk, who was born in Novovolynsk and the last two years lives in the USA, became the winner of Pennsylvania as part of the prestigious beauty contest of the world among girls after 25 years and married Mrs. Globe. This writes the Volyn publishing bug.

In June, she will compete for the title of “miss USA”, which will be held in California. If she manages to get it, it will represent America at the final stage of the competition in China.

The girl told that the application filed by accident.

“The Internet came to the site, and I immediately popped up the request and I decided” for fun “to write. Never even thought and did not expect anything, but after a few days, and already forgetting all this, I called and offered to go to the competition”, says Vlasyuk.

She also says that the contest took place without cameras, because the local competitions are usually not broadcast. There were about 15 participants. There was a defile in evening dresses and swimsuits, as well as other tests.

“After winning the training started, buying clothes for the contest, ordering of makeup, hairstyle, holding charity. Every Monday the organizers hold conference calls where we discuss issues and news, and on Wednesday we held a webinar social-media classes,” says Ian.

The Contest Mrs. Globe is held annually. Participation can take women over the age of 25 years or who are married or are parents. It is the largest and most prestigious contest for married women in the world.

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Yana Vlasyuk now 26 years old and he lives in the United States two and a half years, where he works at one of the companies. Annually girl visiting relatives in Novovolynsk.


Earlier, the Ukrainian woman Natalia Varchenko won the beauty contest Miss Continental Europe, which took place on 25 November 2017 in Italian Naples.