Solely to the ignorance in matters of heraldry explained Ukrainian paratrooper the use of the Chevron logo of the Nazi division “Dead head”.

The corresponding video published on the page of the command of the Airborne assault forces of the armed forces in Facebook, reports “Диалог.UA”.

So, a soldier who gained fame after the publicized picture, which side is the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking in the video, apologized for the offense committed, according to the soldier, only because of ignorance.

“I thought this character is just kind of a pirate flag,” said the paratrooper.

His martial brothers in the same video he explained that this man – a fine soldier who has more than three years to protect Ukraine, is a patriot of his country. Fighters and other units of airborne assault forces of the Armed forces of Ukraine supported the military, who found the strength to adequately involuntarily admit the transgression and to bring him an apology.

The Marines assured that they unequivocally condemn the ideology of fascism, admire the heroism of people who fought with him on the fronts of the Second World war.

He also assured that now are ready to fight and to prevent the domination of any totalitarian and genocidal ideologies.

“Don’t judge a person by the clothes. The main thing that this man does for this country. We are with you brother”

“Krasen. Respect for strong of medicine such an act”

“Priznati its not an sugoku TSE view agnost I vddlo”

“The fellow! Act gdni spaventoso sister of a sincere Ukrainian” – supported the defense of Ukraine in social networks.