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1 March “Ukrainian exchange” (UB) is conducting trades on a new trading platform. About it reports a press-service of the stock exchange.

According to UB in January and February, participants spent beta testing a new software application market, following which trading system Phoenix was transferred to commercial operation.

“As a result of the first month of the software package Phoenix version 1.0 was integrated with design infrastructure, internal systems of operations, accountability and disclosure. Communication was tested on actual transactions with securities and monetary funds of our participants,” said Director of business development of “Ukrainian stock exchange” Alexey Sukhorukov.

The current version of the system takes the address and no-address bids for the transactions on purchase and sale of securities, as well as applications for concluding repo transactions only through the trading terminal.

To connect broker systems and Internet trading you plan to use the international Financial Protocol Interexchange Protocol (FIX), which is already available, but works only in the mode of transmission of market information without the possibility of receiving applications.

All requests for connecting the shopping terminal the user UB is asking bidders to address on e-mail trade@ux.uа.

To gain access through the FIX Protocol “Ukrainian exchange” requests news agencies and software developers for online trading to address a request by e-mail help@ux.uа.

UB established on 15 may 2008 the leading participants of the Ukrainian securities market, together with the Russian stock exchange RTS. She began trading in March 2009 and first launched the application market, Internet trading, a REPO market, settlements via the CCP and a derivatives market.

In may 2018, the head of “Ukrainian stock exchange” Oleg Tkachenko has resigned. He has guided the company for over 10 years.