In the near future in Ukraine will be conducted engineering tests of two new missile systems. In the case of successful completion of the shooting they will be put in service with the Ukrainian army as a new and powerful weapons.

An important statement
made by the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

The Minister stressed that the engineering test will be held in the South of Ukraine on the ground in
Odessa region, in the case of their successful implementation, resources and military
the power of the APU will be significantly increased.

The statement of Poltorak made during a visit to Odessa, where
NATO ships arrived.

The Western allies of Ukraine demonstrate the real power and
assistance from the Alliance Ukraine, which is experiencing the need to promote the provision of
assistance in safe passage of vessels on the waters of the black sea and Azov seas
in a confrontation with Russia.

Recall that in Ukraine has developed a new combat module with rockets “Duet” SAM “Hunter”.